Female Penis?

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Female Penis?

Wow, just wow:


Real Men Have Curves

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Real Men Have Curves

What Men Want vs What Women Want (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

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What Men Want vs What Women Want (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

Well, I think the one for men is a little simplistic, but still fairly accurate.

The one for women should have them traveling and doing whatever they want, then having a super hot dude pay for them and take care of them when they’re old despite having taken 100 dicks and acted like a complete irresponsible trash of a person. Oh, also they expect 100% attention at all times.

Ridiculous Post

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How hard is her hamster trying to justify being fat for other women?


Really, being able to lift a couch?

Favorite Things That Girls Have Said to You

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There’s a great thread over on RooshVForum on the favorite things girls have said to you.  I recommend you go check it out.  It’s part entertainment (there’s some pretty wild things girls have said) and part reinforcement of how with the right game you can have girls (in my case a girl I find VERY attractive) completely enamored with you and finding you really alluring.  My contribution from this morning:

I had a rough day yesterday and the girl I’m dating offered to come over and make it better for me. After some fun last night and then again this morning, we took a shower together. She got out first so I only had time to towel off and throw some dirty jeans on and walk her to my front door where I stood watching as she got in her car. Later she texted me:

<SaltySpice> You look so sexy standing in the door with your shirt off and the sun on you…made me want to stay. :) hope you have a good day

8 Things I learned from Living with a Beta Roommate

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I do nothing too often. Doing something always feels better long term, just sucks maybe a bit in the beginning. Man, eye opening. I remember guys like this. Need to be the opposite.

Originally posted on Young Man Red Pill:

This past October, I quit my job as a high school teacher and moved to a large city where I have been making more money working as a server than I did as a teacher in a much easier job.  Unfortunately, all of my friends already had apartments, so I was forced to get a craigslist roommate.  I moved in with two dudes I didn’t know; one of them is a solid dude, and the other is the definition of Beta.  When I wrote the post 11 Signs you’re a Beta, I was basically just describing what he does every day.

I’m moving out next month and I’m pumped.  But every shitty experience is also a learning experience.  Here is what I learned from living with one of the Beta-ist Betas to have ever Beta’d:

8) A lot of guys are loyal to girls who aren’t even their girlfriends.

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Girl suggests an “open” relationship for her 3 month vacation../

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Girl suggests an “open” relationship for her 3 month vacation../

…then loses her shit when her BF fucks another girl.  Fucking classic.  I was laughing my ass off at her reaction and then all the redditors telling her she’s an idiot and complaining that they’re ganging up on her.


Fucking hilarious.


In other news, Salty Spice has continued to be feminine and taking my direction and taking care of me.  I threw a big costumed/themed party for her and my roommate’s birthdays which was a smashing fucking success.  Got my friend laid with a hot chick at my party, got the cops called on me for the first time in the many years I’ve lived in the same spot, just had a riot of a fucking time.  She was super happy and thankful.  Gotta have her back over to clean my place up and give me a BJ.  There’s alcohol and party remnants everywhere.

Oh, what did I give her for my bday?  I went to an arts/crafts store, got her a totally dorky looking pendant related to an inside joke of ours and picked out a little chain to hang it on.  Then I bought her some cool orchids at the grocery store and gave her a card with a bunch of random shit written inside and a fucking five year old’s pick up line instead of the writing that was pre-printed inside, and I drew her a piss poor version of the pendant inside the card free-hand.  Grand total spent was like $20 bucks and I borrowed my friend’s multi-color markers for the card.

She wore her necklace all the next day and was so damn happy.

I’m rather enjoying her.


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