Breath hold/Relaxation

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Posted as a comment on Riv’s post here, thought I’d toss it up here.  A while ago I took a breath hold course:


You can let things go with breathing, too. You can hold your breath AND be relaxed at the same time. I know. I’ve done it.

A minute and I thought I could do more.

2 minutes and I thought I might not make it much further.

3 minutes and I thought I was going to go into convulsions, but I relaxed more.

4 minutes and I thought this must be it. I was going to spasm or pass out.

Beyond 4 minutes and the convulsions began I thought I could do no more than another 10 seconds, maybe 15. Relax self.

4 and a half minutes and I went a little zen. I was so far beyond what I thought I could accomplish, only seconds left and I’d inhale.

Approaching 5 minutes and I wasn’t going to make it. That’s okay I thought and I relaxed even further.

Just past the 5 minute mark and I raised my head up and I savored a breath.

I’ll remember that moment for the rest of my life. It was like being reborn.



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I was watching a female friend of mine (I’d put her at about a 7, some might put her higher) swiping on Tinder the other night.

It was nuts. She rarely swiped right and the sheer speed with which she made a decision was nuts. Only very rarely would she look at a second picture, much less any of the text in the profile. I couldn’t believe how many fit, good looking guys she was turning down and the rate of speed that she was swiping at. Good god it was a choking on the red pill moment.

Now, this chick would almost certainly want to date me if I were available, but here she is swiping no like a machine gun set on burst to a ton of guys surely making more money than me, more attractive than me, and in significantly better shape than me. Just goes to show you that game and social proof as well as meeting a girl in person are huge factors.

I still kind of shake my head thinking about watching her that night.

First Threesome Request

•04/19/2016 • 1 Comment

I was out with a beta male friend and two girls I know. One old/cougar status and the other young/tall/fairly hot that digs me but knows I have a girl. We were at some crappy dive bar and I was getting kind of drunk. I was making fun of the people doing karaoke and people-watching with the girls. At one point I’m discussing with the cougar the one fairly attractive girl in the place and how she totally wants some dick tonight.

The cougar agrees and then for some reason I get it in my head that I should try to convince her to go over to the girl and ask her if she’s have a threesome with us. Just for the fun of it. The cougar laughs her ass off and says no way. She says, “you go do it” thinking that there’s no way I will. A lightbulb goes off in my head. “Why the fuck not?” I think to myself.

I walk over to the girl, she’s sitting down with her friends but it’s loud enough I don’t even think they could hear us. I go massively direct by simply motioning to my cougar friend and saying to her, “Hey my girl thinks you’re hot, why don’t you have a threesome with us?” knowing that this will fail. She looks at me, shocked and kind of doesn’t know what to say, but eventually says “no I can’t” and I just ask her “are you sure? I think you’d enjoy yourself” and she confirms that she can’t.

It was a fun approach and I purposely went so direct just to see what her reaction would be and because I didn’t want to waste time really trying to get a positive answer from her as I wasn’t serious about it and I wanted to leave soon anyway.

The cougar was totally surprised I approached the girl so directly and was impressed. The other female friend of mine was also impressed (and probably turned on) and we ended up heading out the door shortly thereafter, but not before I felt like there were eyes boring through the back of my skull and I turned to see that same chick I asked about the threesome giving me the “fuck I want this guy” eyes. Our eyes connected and I smirked before turning and heading out into the night.

It’s incredible what you can ask outright. I wonder had I spent the time/effort to make the approach and ultimate question less jarring I might’ve had a pretty receptive girl. I’m sure I could’ve picked her up, but after that I’m beginning to think I had a small change to actually swing a threesome.

I’ve never even hinted at a threesome before to a girl (even when genuinely interested in it) so this was great fun.

I just remembered that earlier in the night when we were eating dinner with others I started out the bold-socializing by sitting next to a girl when her date went to the bathroom. My table and I had been people-watching and debating whether they were on a first date from a dating site or not. I plopped myself down next to the girl and grilled her and the guy came back crazy fast (and gave the appearance that he was a bit irked that I was sitting down next to his “friend”). I disarmed him not even explaining why I was there but segueing directly into some locals-style banter about that days really good discount/special of which neither had any clue. They thanked me for the tip and I made my exit. My table was surprised I’d just gone up to the girl when he was gone and surprised that I handled his return fairly effortlessly.

Moral of the story is go approach!

Feeling Good

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My posts are going to be boring here for a while until I get into the swing of things (and then they’ll be slightly less boring):


Fairly tired today.  Managed to play nearly 4 hours of beach volleyball over the weekend before working multiple gigs.  I was ill and my aerobic ability has been severely hampered but I finished my medicine and was feeling much better, although definitely not 100%.  I thought I might’ve overdone it, but I think I stopped in time to let my body recover.  My last gig was actually really easy, got paid for 4 hours and only worked about an hour and a half, plus we got fed a gourmet meal and I got a couple cocktails.


I felt decent enough to go meet up with some friends, dance with the girls, and have a cold beer.  Then I went home and got some decent sleep last night after falling asleep on the couch while watching a recording of the latest Donald Trump rally.  Not because he bores me, quite the opposite, but I was just totally relaxed and tired which was a recipe for passing out.  This morning after a righteous shit I jumped on my longboard and cruised over to get a hot coffee in my travel mug (cheap “refills” when you bring your own mug) and some breakfast to go.


Got into the office early and worked on my planning for a future dive competition.  Really excited for that as it’ll be a big challenge to even land any significant number of fish.  I don’t have much of a shot at doing well in the competition, but it’ll be great experience and I really think my teammates are going to be fun to dive with.  It’ll also cement my requirements for joining the dive club so by next voting session I’ll have a solid chance to get in.  I’m a little concerned about being in shape enough for the competition since we won’t be able to use a boat, but I should be healthy enough by then and I’m going to do my best to maximize my sleep in the time before the competition so I’m fully rested before I’m in the water toughing it out.


Oh, and when I went and danced with the girls, one of them is back in town visiting after having moved away.  I saw her at the bar ordering a drink when I first walked in, so I rolled up next to her in my work outfit (definitely dressy and I know I look sharp and overdressed for this place) and bumped her shoulder.  She turned, looked at me and then did a double take realizing she knew me and you could just about see the moment she became incredibly turned on.  Even the hot female bartenders were stealing glances at me.  This girl was just astonished at how good I looked (I’d seen her over the weekend at the beach covered in hat/sunglasses and heavy sunscreen and she barely recognized me then).  All the girls were loving how I looked (it felt pretty good I have to say) but this girl from out of town was practically ready to rape me and then backed off saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know you have a girlfriend.”


Pretty entertaining, had a good time dancing.  I need to get in good shape and update my wardrobe some more so that this is more of a regular occurrence.  Even if I do have a gf, there’s no reason to not have her know full well how much in demand I am (or can be).


How was your guy’s weekend?

New Speargun

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So a while back I won a pretty nice speargun that’s longer and thus better for me to shoot pelagic fish with.  I figured out I really should exchange it for a slightly longer model so that I can use it dual-purpose for small/middle size pelagics and also for bigger game fish when I work my way up to those, so I can grow into the gun.  Also, I could use a slip tip type setup and a reel so I talked to someone I know who helps run the company and she arranged for me to exchange the gun and only pay the difference between this speargun and the longer one.  I also got the gun setup with appropriate slip tip and rigging and got it all at a heavy discount from retail, paying no labor for the setup.  Got to check out the manufacturing facilities and meet the attractive receptionist too.  She was digging me too which is always nice.


Also recently I was able to borrow a kayak for an upcoming competition and went to a local dive shop to get my shortest gun setup with new bands/hardware so I can be better prepared for the competition.  I know I won’t have really any chance at placing, but I’ll be able to dive with good divers and it will be invaluable experience as well as checking something off my list.  I can’t wait for the competition and to get my new gun in the water.


I want to dive more, swim more, and get into a routine of hitting the weights every week.  I’ve got some serious body fat going right now and I need to strengthen my core, it’s so weak right now.  Girlfriend is going okay, but I need to improve other areas of my life and take a trip with her, I’ve been neglecting her a bit and I think it’s gonna affect things negatively soon if I don’t get on top of my game.

Cougar City

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Recently I went out to meet up with an older lady who was visiting before and is now back in town after a long absence.  My other buddy had some older ladies with him and was trying to play the pimp as he usually does (he usually fails).  An older lady friend of mine comes over to join the group rather late so I tease her and have a good time hanging out eating some food and having a beer.

She teases me back and asks me when she can get another shoulder massage and that immediately reminded me that when I did give her a massage I made her get me a beer for it.  I tossed that fact back her way and she said she was totally down so with a fresh free beer on the table in front of me on the patio I worked on her shoulders and neck/upper back.

Like this except she had a bikini top under an open shoulder shirt and was sitting:


Almost immediately I had the drunkies at the table ooh’ing and joking about what I was doing to her as some of it could look wrong or be misinterpreted.  I laughed them off and continued.  The comments turned from lighthearted/joking to requests to be next in line.  I countered that they’d need to buy me a drink first, my hands aren’t free.  Her friend kept telling people “oh wow, can you imagine how he could make you feel inside?  Can you imagine what he’d be like in bed?” before grabbing onto my arms.

This led to a bunch of naughty joking with the cougars my buddy had invited and eventually the one cougar practically offering up her college age daughter to me.  The same daughter that when I’d met them both prior she told me to keep away from her daughter.  Now that she saw my mastery she actually encouraged me.  Very strange.

If the things with Salty Spice weren’t still going damn well, I’d have taken her up on her offer.  The daughter is smoking hot/in shape, smart, and younger to boot.

I rather enjoyed my “free drinks” and being “the man” within that patio/restaurant/bar.

Valentine’s Day

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So a question was posed that I think some of you are also wondering about:

How do successful players who are juggling multiple girls deal with Valentines day?

My response:


“Sorry, but I’ve already got plans with the best valentine, she asks me every year and I say yes.”

“What, who? Huh?” they invariably ask.

“My momma”

Hey, it’s cheesy, but it works, and it’s the truth.

If I’m in a relationship with a girl, then I’m totally fine celebrating Valentine’s Day on a small scale, as long as she’s willing to celebrate the male valentine’s day, Steak and a BJ Day on March 14th.

So what are my plans for V-Day?  Since I’ve been dating Salty Spice exclusively for a while now and because she continues to treat me well I’m doing this:

1. Celebrating mostly on the night before.

2. Told her we’re having dinner late and going out elsewhere beforehand.  She should wear a nice dress, she doesn’t know what I’m wearing but I’ll be suited up.

3. Both of us out of work early, meet up, then I’ll drive her to a gorgeous resort overlooking the coast.  I may borrow my friend’s car that I’ve been wanting to test drive as it’s possible I may buy it.  It’s much nicer outside/inside than my car.  We’ll walk into the restaurant/bar area.  It’s very expensive there, so probably 1-2 drinks as we walk outside the resort overlooking the ocean at sunset.

4. Drive over to a high end mall that’s up the coast where if it’s too early for our late dinner reservation at a fine steakhouse/wine bar then we’ll walk around and do some window shopping or grab some wine at the restaurant.  Oh, did I mention at the restaurant I have a large gift card that should cover the majority of our tab?  A gift received from doing what I considered a minor favor but that saved a friend’s ass.  So all in all I’ll be spending very little money for a very nice night out/

5. Then home to have another drink in the hot tub or just straight to the bedroom for fun and sleep (not too late unless we’re really having fun).  Start Saturday refreshed, maybe go for a bike ride along the coast or have a nice beach day.  At some point I’ll leave to have a meal or some activity with my mom, or maybe just invite her down.

Past V-Day posts with some simple examples of what I’ve done on Valentine’s Day: