Girls of 2011 – Enginerd

In the last year I’ve had varying degrees of success/failure with women.  Each Girls of 2011 post will outline a girl and what went good/bad.  Always appreciate feedback.

Enginerd was a girl that went to school for engineering, yet moved out of state to live and work in So Cal.  Not my usual type as far as looks, but met her through friends and started hanging out.  Very fair, cute, awesome light eyes, dirty blonde,  naturally relatively thin but not athletic body, very large boobs (DD).  Nice and natural, but almost too big.  Dated her casually (yet exclusively) for a few months, she sort of wanted more, I wasn’t really sure, it kind of trailed off.  It kind of followed the passion for sex.  The last time we had it, it was pretty weak.  Just kind of sad.  Yet I miss her intelligence, her no nonsense spitfire personality, and her strength.  Very sweet girl and I want to date her again, but I feel like something’s off.

Recently I tried to hook up with her again (and we did make out while pretty drunk), but she ended up a mess of tears since she thinks I want something different than her (which is true, she wants to settle down).  I felt like shite for trying to hook up/date her again and that was that.  She remains in my circle of friends, occasionally we talk and hang out in our group of friends.

~ by aneroidocean on 12/28/2011.

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