Girls of 2011 – SurfMuffin

In the last year I’ve had varying degrees of success/failure with women.  Each Girls of 2011 post will outline a girl and what went good/bad.  I always appreciate feedback.

SurfMuffin – 22 year old surfer girl that I met when my old roommate was on his way out (moving out) and having stupid parties with underage kids there.  I kicked everyone out except for her.  She had this way of talking with me that calmed me down from the point of wanting to wring my old roommate’s neck, to relaxed enough to talk music and all kinds of subjects with her. The biggest downside to her is that she has more of a muffin top than I would usually tolerate.

I hung out with her for quite a while and that began a situation I can only summarize as words with sex.  She is eager to hang out and talk with me, then even more eager to please in bed.  I feel pretty relaxed with her, in charge, able to do whatever I want whether it’s conversation or fornication.  Seems sort of mature for her age, and yet a certain incident with her in a drunken pile on my doorstep one night cautions me to not trust her too much or project too much maturity on her.  She initiates oral/sex a lot which is great.

Another downside is that she’s not really that bright, so while she’s a good conversationalist, it’s not exactly like I’m having intellectual conversations with her.  Sometimes I see her a couple number of times a month, sometimes I go a week or two in between hearing from her.  She is really busy as she’s a student full time and works a decent amount too.  Concerns for my health are there too, as she says she isn’t fucking anyone else, but I can’t really know.  She is so damn eager at giving me head, though.  I’m very conflicted about this one, but I do really have a fun time as I can put her in her place pretty much anytime (she challenges me often and enjoys my response a lot), but I’m not really that attracted to her because of the body.  She’s not going to do well when her youth disappears.

The first night I met her, I stayed up long into the night talking to her, drinking with her, and introducing each other to cool music.  When we finally ended up in my bedroom, we fucked for what seemed like forever and I ended up completely dominating her, finishing on her face with her licking up every drop of me.  It was incredibly hot.  Since then, some encounters have been better than others, but she is consistent in the bedroom, which is nice.

I still see her from time to time.  Pretty much every time I write her off as disappeared I get random contact from her.  I’m not sure if anything really went bad with her, but at the same time I’m not sure that anything really went that good.  It’s the strangest girl situation I’ve ever been in.


~ by aneroidocean on 12/28/2011.

3 Responses to “Girls of 2011 – SurfMuffin”

  1. I read somewhere in Athol Kay’s blog that if you start working out and jogging more, your wife will notice and also start to work out (she is cognizant of you increasing your sex rank/sexual market place value and tries to keep up).

    Perhaps if you dropped subtle hints about you improving your fitness next time you see her, she might get the hint?

    Girls are very good at picking up subtle messages.

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