Girls of 2011 – Maria

In the last year I’ve had varying degrees of success/failure with women.  Each Girls of 2011 post will outline a girl and what went good/bad.  I always appreciate feedback. I met Maria after my friend came back into town and I decided to meet with him to catch up over some beers.  We had moved from a tiny local watering hole (as it closed early) to one of the more popular full size bars with a dance floor.  My friend and I caught up, not paying much mind to the girls in the place as it wasn’t really our goal to meet any.  Once the night was coming to a close (and after quite a few beers, sometimes it’s trouble to get discounts), we walked outside towards my house as my friend had stashed his longboard there, but before we could get off the main drag I ran into this tall (5’9″) cute brunette and her friend. Now, I’ve been wanting to date a tall girl for a while now and I’ve also wanted to date a short girl.  While she’s not the prettiest girl I’ve dated, she was cute in her own way, had a   It’s funny, because this played out almost exactly like The Italian (even meeting her at the same place) in the beginning.  I walked and talked with Maria until we hit the pier, where we walked out to look at the ocean, before getting cold and heading to my place.  We had another drink at my place while waiting for her friend to show up (we had left her with my buddy who was playing wingman like a champ).  My buddy and her friend arrived, I gave them all drinks and entertained for a little while.  Then I led Maria into my bedroom where unlike with The Italian, I wasted no time in seducing her. It was drunken hot sex the first night, just like I imagine I missed with The Italian.  The fact that Maria is mixed Italian and French is not lost on me.  Maria’s body is naturally thin, although she could stand to tone up a little more.  Her face is cute, her teeth aren’t perfectly straight.  It makes her more like girl next door attractive instead of model attractive.  She does have a nice ass which I take the opportunity to smack often.  Maria is VERY quirky, being from a far away part of the state she is quite different than most girls I’ve met, in a good way.  She will bust out into random voices/impressions and laugh at her own jokes.  She is very laid back and I find myself very relaxed around her.  Her place sucks, but she’s perfectly willing to leave her dog overnight to come cook and stay the night at my place.  I haven’t pushed it that much, but I think I can probably give her a lot more tasks and she would enjoy doing them for me.  The friends I have who have met her, like her.  All of this is rather nice. Oh, and she has naturally curly hair.  I get the best of both worlds, because she straightens it a good bit of the time, but I get to see it naturally curly too.  I have to agree with Real Made Men on this one, there’s nothing better than grabbing a girl’s hair locking your fingers through her curls.

~ by aneroidocean on 12/29/2011.

4 Responses to “Girls of 2011 – Maria”

  1. maria sounds great.

    so are you still dating her?

  2. @ Rivelino
    Yes, I am.

    She is pretty great. I’m really enjoying it.

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