Girls of 2011 – The Italian

In the last year I’ve had varying degrees of success/failure with women.  Each Girls of 2011 post will outline a girl and what went good/bad.  I always appreciate feedback.

Italian – I met her at a local bar that is fairly popular.  I had scoped out the place and there was no girl that really compelled me except for one taller Italian girl who was far enough away that by the time I walked her direction I couldn’t find her.  So I was hanging out near the end of the bar with my two tall attractive guy friends, on the dance floor just kind of joking with them and dancing from time to time if I thought a girl or group of girls would dance with me (none really did, which happens), when a girl grabbed me and introduced me to The Italian, telling me that I was attractive, that her friend is single, and that I should hang out with her.  They were both kind of dancing, so I danced with them both briefly.

Wait, wait, wait.  I have to explain how attractive this girl was.  When I got up face to face with her, I realized she had green eyes, perfect skin, dark and long curly hair, and a bangin’ body as my friends would say.  She was BY FAR the hottest girl in the place.  No other girl even came close.  Like this except more of an olive skin tone:

At this point, my friend started trying to talk to her, not really having seen the interaction between the two girls and I, but I saw a golden opportunity going wrong (my friend is pretty tall and a sociable model), so I grabbed her hand and led her over to the other end of the bar where her other friends were.  I ordered us a couple beers, had some decent conversation, but her friends kept getting her attention and distracting her.  I was certain that she was at least open to hang out with me, but that it was going to be really difficult with all her friends around.  I got the digits and went back to my friends to check on them.   I hadn’t planned to stay out real late as I had developed a pretty decent cough and didn’t feel great, so I started to leave then thought better of it and approached her again.  I told her I was feeling like taking off, but I would like to have her join me on the heated patio for a bit.

Out the door and headed towards the patio but I realized it was filled with cigarette smokers (I detest cigarettes), so I told her we should go for a walk down to the pier instead.  She hesitated, saying that she shouldn’t leave her friends and I told her it would just be a short walk and that she shouldn’t miss it as it’s so nice.  I’ve never regretted a walk on the pier.  She relented and off we went, chatting and walking the couple blocks to the pier.  Once there, someone from the city was closing up the gate, so we went down to the sand where our poor luck meant that the city truck that was driving around to kick people off the sand (there’s a late-night beach curfew), so I scrambled and walked down the boardwalk and around the corner where the restaurant at the base of the pier has little circular benches with awnings over them for people to wait for their car at the valet.  We sat there and talked a little more before making out like high schoolers.

Then we walked to my house, where I made her a drink and we moved to my bedroom, where lots of heavy making out and some petting started before disaster struck.  She was giving me last minute resistance on sex and I was enjoying teasing her by pulling out one of her tits.

Hold on.  Her tits need their own paragraph.  This girl had a great body, maybe 5’7″ or so, firm round ass, pretty much built to make men want to jump her bones.  The tits though.  My GOD the tits on this girl.  They were perfect and stupid perky for that size and the fact that they were real.  I really couldn’t have asked for anything better.  I’ve seen more than my fair share of tits in pornography and even a pretty decent amount of them in person, but I’ve never seen tits that perfect.  I don’t know if I ever will again, not to doubt myself, but these tits were that damn good.

I was ready to start escalating it to sex as I had her really worked up to the point where I had my hand grasping her gorgeous dark brown curls, bending her over underneath me, and her arching her back and dry humping me moaning like crazy.

Then I felt a stirring.  A stirring that could only mean my intestinal fortitude was compromised.  My stomach started making an obscene amount of noise and my discomfort rapidly grew.  I excused myself and proceeded over the next couple of hours to run the water as loud as I could in the bathroom, the sink, the shower, everything to try to cover up the noise of me absolutely destroying the toilet.  The sheer volume of gas and shit that came out of me was brutal.  Every time I returned, somehow she hadn’t heard it (or wasn’t telling me) and she’d snuggle up against me, but was basically passed out.  No matter, because my cough was getting so bad that I had to keep getting up between the bathroom and the kitchen (to make hot tea to try to calm my throat/lungs).  I was a mess.  There was no way I was going to even attempt sex, despite the amazingly hot chick in my bed.

In the morning she didn’t seem to really want to kiss, either because she was worried about her breath, or because she remembered what I’d been going through over the course of the night.  I made sure I had the right number for her and she joked about having to do the walk of shame to her car.  I realized after she left that maybe I should’ve walked her to her car to try to build a little more comfort.  She was pretty drunk and might not have really realized how well we connected when we were talking the night before.  Whatever the reason, I got some text conversation from her afterwards, but a girl like that doesn’t stay single for long and eventually the trail turned completely cold.  I wasn’t able to meet up with her again, I didn’t get a second change.

I kicked myself for weeks for not fucking her right and giving her the good dick so that she’d still be around.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been more attracted to a girl.

It pains me to think about it and it took me a long time to not be completely pissed off at myself for not doing something different.  I did a lot right, and if I had managed the situation better, I think I could’ve done even more, but who knows, she could’ve just got back together with an ex and I never really had an opportunity for more than 1 night of fun anyway.

That’s, The Italian.


~ by aneroidocean on 01/04/2012.

7 Responses to “Girls of 2011 – The Italian”

  1. DAMN, that story is intense.


    well written, too.

    i feel like i have had similar experiences, although not exactly. let me think about it.

    maybe it’s just that nostalgic sense of missed opportunity, which i kind of feeling hovering around me a lot, especially with girls.

    that is something we really need to change. the world is full of abundance.

    but damn, that girl sounded amazing.

  2. my overall comment was that you came off too needy and thus lower value than her.

    “In the morning she didn’t seem to really want to kiss”

    that means you tried to kiss her and she didn’t want to.

    the hotter the girl, the more “dismissive” you should be of her. aloof, mysterious, whatever you want to call it.

    value, value, value. it all comes back to value.

    in lovedrop’s 13 cd set, he really hammers that home.

    even “teasing” little things like when you wake up, instead of going to kiss her, you say “hey what are you still doing here?!” with mock surprise, as if you kinda don’t want her around. calibrated with a smile.

    or even better, imagine if first thing in the morning you wake up, she wakes up, and you look at her and say, “you look familiar, what’s your name again?” — deadpan. THAT IS MONEY.

    that’s the kind of shit that raises her GI — general insecurity — and makes her feel lower value than you.

    make her feel GI for half a second, see how she reacts, then maybe take it further — “was it cindy, or sandy?” — whatever.

    just riff.

    tease her like you would a 5. or tease her how you would your little cousin.

    you obviously tightened up, and that is what gave away your lower value.


    i’ve done that a bunch of times too.

    that’s why i firmly believe that ingraining higher value thoughts and beliefs is both inner game and outer game.

    just like sometimes just physically smiling actually makes you feel happier, in the same way, just saying bs “lines” like, “hey you look familiar”, just by reciting those lines, by putting that energy out there, then hopefully *she* will start getting reactive, and start believing that you are in fact higher value.

    and once you get her believing it, then you start believing it too.

    sort of like fake it till you make it.

    the two girls i have had most success with in the past year, i totally bluffed. both with crystal and with blondie, i was desperately horny and desperately needing pussy — any pussy — well not any pussy, but my inner mindset was that i was STARVING for pussy, and i would have LOVED to fuck them.

    old me would have seen their slight interest, and gone all “gentleman” on them, try to treat them really well, nice dinner, blah blah.

    new me realized their slight interest, and went full on “mr blowhard” i call him, just totally acting like the stuck up, cocky, full of himself asshole — teasing like a motherfucker, push pulling, negging, frame controlling, false disqualifying — EVERYTHING.

    i totally faked it with both of them, AND IT WORKED.

    with crystal, it worked to perfection. i had her eating out of my hand. she was ilke, “oh you are so dangerous! oh you are so mysterious! oh you are so bad! oh you are such an asshole!” — EVERYTHING.

    and then she got drunk and basically begged me to fuck her. i took her to my apt, no questions asked, and there was like .25 seconds of LMR, which i just plowed through with a laugh and physical dominance — she was like, who said i could let you take off my bra?, and i said, ha ha i do whatever i want to do — and she LOVED IT.

    so yeah, long story short, the lesson i learned is that, (1) GAME REALLY WORKS — ON ALL TYPES OF GIRLS, and (2) fake it till you make it.

    with both crystal and blondie i was really hurting on the inside, but i *pretended* to be mr. big shot stud, and they bought it.

    really, it’s the only way to go.

    it’s like chasing a cat. you can’t do it.

    you gotta talk big and make the cat chase you.

    • Good advice from the Riv here. Every once in a long while I remember this situation. Currently dating a girl with at least as good of a body and definitely in the same tier beauty-wise so I’m rather enjoying seeing this comment now a couple years later. Funny thing is that she might’ve been really into me or might’ve just needed a rebound hookup and that’s all I would’ve been. I’ll never know, but for a girl of that attractiveness (if her personality/other qualities matched up at all) I’d much rather have it be more than a one night thing anyway, but maybe that’s just the male hamster spinning along.

  3. […] i give amazing advice: my overall comment was that you came off too needy and thus lower value than […]

  4. What bar? Was it aurthurs

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