Maria Honey

So I’ve got some posts coming up that are in various states of being written.  They’re detailed at the bottom, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m always interested to hear them.  For now, a little text exchange with Maria:

BACKSTORY – I invited her over last night for Taco Tuesday, local restaurant/bar has $5 all you can eat taco bar that’s pretty decent.  This is probably the 3rd or 4th time we’ve done this, we watch a movie or just hang out afterwards and then she sleeps over.  Tonight the ocean waves were crashing so loud that my roommate joined us and we walked on the pier to see the big surf and hear the face of the waves roll over and pound the water beneath.  Last night we watched the first episode of Boardwalk Empire and then I took her to my room where I fingered her to completion, she sucked me off until near completion, then I let her ride me until we both came and fell asleep listening to the roar of the waves echoing off my neighbor’s house.


This afternoon:

AO: How’s your day dt?

(dt = dorky thang, part of a series of inside jokes that I believe help her feel special, she calls me st, st = sexy thang)

Maria: I’ve been a busy bee.  Feels good to get back on track!  Just about caught up :) How are you feeling?

AO: I’m feeling a little under the weather.  Sniffling and sneezing a bit.  I am buzzing around though too.

AO: I’m ready to sting you again

Maria: Yesss!  I want your stinger right now.  [Goes into a description of homemade tea and other remedies for my cold]

AO: Ran out of green tea at work, but that sounds really nice.

Maria: Pineapple too.  Cold fighting enzyme.

AO: [Completely ignoring the possible pineapple joke] I want your honey, honeybee.

Maria: Good, it never runs out for you.


Upcoming Posts/Topics:

MILF – The most random of messages turning into an adventure with a hot ~40 year old.

Girls of 2011 – Love 21 – Adventures in online dating.  What happens when you don’t escalate the physicality with a really damn hot young girl.

Horrible Female Fashion – I detail my pet peeves with female fashion, where girls are going wrong, where feminism is destroying the way women present themselves.

New Year’s – 2012 – How I spent my New Year’s Eve/Day, replete


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