How do you handle…

2 friends in your place, both laughing and having fun with you, neither knowing what to do with the situation?  Do you ask them if they’ve ever made out?  I was lost, not sure which to go for.  I suppose I should’ve gone for the more drunk one and let her friend who was sober enough to drive, take off.  Really inexperienced with that kind of situation.  Tomorrow I’ve got MILF wanting to hang out, yet more unexplored territory.  Luckily it’s all kind of fun and exciting even if I fuck up.


~ by aneroidocean on 01/07/2012.

5 Responses to “How do you handle…”

  1. Its hard if you don’t have a roomie or wingman with you. Really the best you can do is chose one, and make it very obvious with your flirting that she’s the one you chose. Then all you can do is hope that she’ll go with it, her friend gets the picture, and her friend doesn’t cockblock you. She can stay too late and the drunk will fall asleep, not let the friend stay by dragging her out with her, or attempt to stay the night over as well.

    If the second is temperamental, you can always try pushing enough of her buttons that she gets pissed at you and leaves. You still have to worry about the cockblock though. This option actually worked well for me on my last hookup.

    • @Leap

      Yeah, the one I was more into wasn’t really THAT attractive to me, I think it was more that I was pretty drunk. She had to get up real early for work, logistically it was a failed proposition from the beginning.

  2. one thing krauser does really well is escalate verbally without touching. maybe that’s the answer.

    imagine if you could get both girls talking about sex with you, drinking more, talking about fantasies, etc — who knows what could happen.

    bigger lesson is that physical escalation isn’t the only route.

  3. Cool blog bro’.Just coming across it again via Reemachronichle’s.

    Anyway,it’s situation like these which brings out the beta in me(although I should be more experienced in handling 2 girls at my pad).

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