Places I’ve Had Sex

Inspired by this post I decided to make a post detailing the places I’ve had sex.  I might turn this into a page, we’ll see:

* End of a pier at night with it closed and completely surrounded by thick beautiful fog.  Incredible.

* Third floor of an unfinished 2 million dollar beach house, on the street/beach facing unfinished balcony (it had no walls yet, just a pillar that I had her bent over grabbing while I destroyed her from behind).  Significant because two of my roommates had each christened the first and 2nd floors (indoors), and because I later heard my neighbor talking about how at 3 in the morning he was walking around and could make out a guy “just fucking the hell out of this girl” in the same location, same night.  I was barely able to control myself from cracking up.

* On the beach, doggy style, out in the open one warm night with one couple having walked by in the distance, I’m sure seeing/hearing what we were doing.

* In the snow, a drop of her wetnesses hanging/dropping from her pussy and catching the sunlight as she lowered herself onto me.  That one was way hot, especially because we had just had a fight.  In the snow other times, but that one was the best memory.

* On the running clothes dryer.

* On the kitchen table, saved the vase of flowers from falling off the edge without skipping a thrust, like a ninja.

* On so many couches.

* On multiple coffee tables.

* On so many other people’s beds.

* In a girl’s grandma’s bathroom.  70s decor and all.

* In my work bathroom.

* After hours at my former employer’s office building on the executive sprawling wood conference table.

* In many cars large and small, 350Z to a VW Bus.  The VW bus’ best memory was parking it along a cliff with the ocean crashing super loudly against the cliff (the cliff would echo the sound up).  The cops woke us after we passed out, oops.

* In so many bathrooms and showers.

* In a kitchen against her refrigerator with her dog running around barking.  I made her lock up the dog after that.

* So many hotel rooms while taking pictures.


~ by aneroidocean on 01/07/2012.

7 Responses to “Places I’ve Had Sex”

  1. Damn AO. Jealous of the beech opportunities. Damn living in a land locked state.

    Still. I hope to keep adding to my theatre nights. I haven’t on stage yet, but I’m determined that its only a matter of time. So far I’ve gotten in the audience, in the trap under the stage, and in the carpentry shop. All I need to complete my tour is above the stage and on stage.

    • @ Leap

      In the audience? Are we talking about sex or a discreet hand job? I don’t know if I count a hand job.

      How would you accomplish on the stage?

  2. @ Leap

    Get outside. I highly recommend exploring nature. It’s the cheapest and can be one of the most romantic. A text from the MILF after I drove her 5 minutes south and walked out to the tidepools I’d selected with her, far enough to get around a rock and watch the sunset over the waves crashing:

    “The sun, the ocean, the moon, the conversation, the dessert… And my favorite part was the kisses…”

    And mind you, she lives on the end of a rolling hill, has probably seen tons of sunsets from restaurants overlooking the ocean and from the main beach. She’s probably seen more sunsets on the coast than most women in my state. I have to admit, it was pretty damn nice, especially the bonus HUGE full moon walking back along the coast after the sun set, but it was 100% free. It took me all of 15 minutes to find on Google Maps.

  3. Lmao great list.It all comes down to being adventurous.

    • Being adventurous and using some imagination can be huge. Girls love to be led and to be part of your team. Find a cool play to make. If the play doesn’t work in football, does the team look down on the leader? No, they expect another play and smart imagination so that they can support the quarterback.

  4. @ AO
    I work in theatre behind the scenes designing sets and building them. I get given keys for many of the shows that I work on during the run of the show. So one halloween I was drunk, sent out a text, and told her to meet me at the theatre. Then went on a whirlwind sex tour of having sex in the carpentry shop, the balcony, and the trap room under the stage. We entered the building at like, 2 am, and came out exhausted at like, 6.

    Yeah, i need to do more outdoors. All I’ve had outside is park sex on a baseball field in the suburbs.

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