New Year’s Eve Eve – 2012

New Year’s Eve Eve before 2012:

What do you do with a girl you’ve just started dating, have been seeing maybe 1-2 times a week for a month or so, and are having a great time with, but aren’t exclusive with?  You tell her you have plans to hang out with your friend (who was in a bad accident, gf of 6 months broke up with him while he was in recovery, etc…) for New Year’s Eve.  Then you hang out with her on New Year’s Eve Eve.

That Friday, after work, I invited Maria to come over, but I told her that I needed to  clean up my house.  Why did I do this you ask?  Was it some clever mental ploy, some sneaky game tactic?  No.  She just really seems happy just hanging out with me, no matter what I’m doing, as long as we do end up spending time together having fun and taking her out of her world and into mine (of course, I have to make my world more fun overall).  I had a few things to do in the kitchen as well as in my bedroom (cleaning, putting laundry away), so I made her a place to sit, poured her a cold cocktail, and caught up with her.  I found out how her work has been, what’s going on with her friends, we joked about her dog, etc…

Funnily enough, even SurfMuffin liked to do this, as long as she got to get stuff off her chest or we were talking about something interesting, she didn’t seem to mind if I was putting away laundry or preparing food.

Back to Maria.  I needed to do some noisy cleaning, so I asked her if she liked Kat Williams.  She did, so I pulled up the Kat I had downloaded earlier in the evening (knowing I had a lot to do before I could really hang out with Maria.  She had a blast watching it while I cleaned/listened, but I made sure not to leave her for too long, lest she feel lonely.  I joined her when I was done cleaning, but my laptop crashed soon after, so then the fun began.

I really like fucking Maria.  We went at it over and over again the next few hours.  We were both kind of tipsy from the drinks and the first session was the longest session in a while.  I was completely dominating her (she was loving it and got off a couple times) and I ended up standing up on my bed with her finishing me off in her mouth, which would’ve been nice, but it was even better because she thought I was done so she backed away only to get the last half of me all over her face and hair.  I thought for a second she might not have liked it, but she started giggling and eventually excused herself to the bathroom.  When she returned she was still kind of giggling at how much went all over her and I told her that’s what she gets for taking her mouth off me.  We laughed about it some more and we fell asleep with satisfied smiles on our faces.


~ by aneroidocean on 01/18/2012.

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