What is a 9?

Inspired by Riv’s post here I thought I’d give him a response as to what I consider a female 9 (on the 1-10 scale) which is an “XL” on his scale.  I like the reasoning behind his scale, but I have to say, that a pretty damn hot girl being referenced as an “XL” is a boner killer for me.

I hope to answer the question of what I am and am not really attracted to, below:

I would classify myself as an ass man.  I love a girl with a nice round shapely ass.  This doesn’t mean that boobs aren’t important, but I just don’t need them to be big like so many self-described “boob guys.”  Anything bigger than a handful is really not necessary.  What’s much more important is that the girl be in shape, that she takes care of her body, that her boobs are perky (flapjacks belong on a breakfast table, not on my girl), and that she does not have a gut.

As far as the face, I prefer brunettes (although I have dated a lot of blondes) with long hair (bonus points for naturally curly), medium to full lips, etc…  A downturned set of thin lips is a big turn off.  Eye color I don’t have a huge preference for, but I don’t like a girl to be hairy (as in dark/thick arm hair) and certainly she needs to take care of herself visually as well as health-wise.

Visual examples

She’s not just curvaceous, she’s fat:

Cute girl, thin, but kind of disproportianate and looks like she has no ass:

Boobs are kind of big, she’s not athletic, just real skinny, fried blonde hair is  a turn off, pursing lips in picture, ugh.  Probably has no ass:

You can’t see the face, but this girl is too ripped for me:


Yes, you can’t see her face, yes she’s a fake blonde, but THAT is a body I can dig:


To be completed later….

~ by aneroidocean on 01/18/2012.

8 Responses to “What is a 9?”


  2. “a pretty damn hot girl being referenced as an “XL” is a boner killer for me.”

    haha good point

  3. oh wait, these are girls you are *not* attracted to? meaning, that are *not* 9s to you?


    oh i get it, the last one yes.

  4. not sure if this is taking it too far, but i think the “9 pic” needs to be a “holistic 9”, meaning not just the girl, but the pic itself — as in, what she is doing, wearing, the vibe she is giving off, etc.

    maybe i am taking it too far.

    but this last girl, your 9, i can’t just examine her body, i can’t help but be turned off by all the phony attitude, you know what i mean?

  5. haha I agree with the XL thing. I would say the last girl does have the best body. I would need to see her face to determine more

  6. Girls who are ripped are fucking turnoffs for me.It’s just pure nasty.

    Eventhough I adhere to the scale of rating girls(HB8’s,etc),it all comes down to the individual who’s rating.A 9 for me can be a 6 for another guy.

  7. A 9 is a 10 that doesn’t swallow.

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