Girls of 2012 – Rose

I met Rose on a dating site (that I’ve had pretty poor luck on as far as actually meeting a cool, non fat, attractive girl).  She seemed like one of those girls that could be more attractive in person, which is rare.  She was cute, slender build, petite, although I was a little concerned by a picture or two where she had been just slightly heavier.  I figured I’d give her a chance, she seemed intelligent, driven, and down to earth from reading her profile.  I sent her one of my standard messages (which is just a brief story, think a short paragraph about a beach weekend, it’s kind of esoteric) which netted a really good response from her.

She showed interest right away, and learning from Girls of 2011 – LOVE (yet to be published), I moved to texting after a couple exchanges over the site.  The texting went well and escalated to the point where I set up a lunch date with her during the work week.  At some point in this, she had looked me up on Facebook and found out that we had a mutual friend (sister of a guy I know from high school).  Rose was nervous as she’d never gone on a date with someone she’d never met before. I told her that it wasn’t a big deal and she seemed ok considering we had a mutual friend.

I suggested a money spot near me that is stellar/classy for the price, but she wanted to meet somewhere more central, so I suggested a long-time mexican restaurant that ended up being nearly in the middle of us.  It wasn’t exactly my first choice for a lunch date since it’s basically somewhat greasy mexican (albeit tasty and authentic), yet I knew it would work okay as I had been there plenty before and I know it’s a popular place for the local office workers, so she’d be surrounded by other people from various offices in the area.

I arrived early as I knew the place would get really busy for the lunch hour.  The attendant tried to seat me at a smaller table for two in an open space seating area, but I stopped him and asked him to seat us in a booth by the window. I did this for a number of reasons:

1. I could spot her approaching through the window so I’d be aware of her arrival.

2. We could have some privacy and be shielded from other people’s conversations/distractions.

3. Booth cushion seating is both warmer and more comfortable.

4. If I want to get closer to the girl it’s actually possible to sit next to her.

I actually ended up missing her arrival, but she spotted me right away and I stood up to say hi and shake her hand and let her sit (across from me).  I noticed right off the bat that she had a great smile and I thought she was very cute.  She was really covered up, though, and I wasn’t really able to make out her body that well as she had a black sweater over her purple blouse and long black skirt that wasn’t very tight (typical office wear).  I thought to myself, “I really do like petite girls” as I noticed her slim hands and how much smaller than me she was.  We immediately started talking and had to have the waiter come back a couple times before we finally looked at the menu in earnest and made choices.

At one point while we waited for our food the topic turned to how many girls I’d met from the site and I told her that I’d hardly had any dates from the site and none really that had panned out.  It’s a crappy free dating site, so this wasn’t really something that would reflect on me negatively so I went right into talking with her about how bad the people in general are on the site.  She had already deleted the app off her phone and I teased her a bit so that she would recount some of the things that guys had messaged her.  It was a typical onslaught of undesired male attention/messages.  I had lucked out in catching her before she swore off the site and that I had a mutual friend on Facebook.

Now, I’m not saying this girl is a bombshell, but I was finding myself really attracted to her.  Her personality, her femininity, her demure nature, her intelligence, her drive (studying to be a CPA), her being kind of nerdy, and the way that when she laughs her whole body shakes.  Just really cute.  She reminded me of my first girlfriend in a lot of ways.  By the time we got through our food I had ordered a beer and once we finished our food I got up and had her scoot over so I could sit next to her on her side of the booth.  She was a little surprised but rolled right with it.  I think our closeness, especially me being on the outside made it pretty clear to her that I was into her and I think she liked that a lot.

NOTE: I did pay the bill, it wasn’t much (we each spent less than $10 on our meals plus the drinks were relatively cheap) and I felt it appropriate considering I’d asked her out to a lunch date and I knew I’d be seeing her again.

I usually take a very short lunch, less than half an hour.  It had been nearly an hour and a half since I’d left, so I finally had to end our date after setting up the idea of getting a malt together in the near future (which she was 100% into, we both have a big sweet tooth).  I walked her to her car, which she immediately set up as not nice.  We joked about how it’s like the jeep from Jurrasic Park and that we both loved that movie.  We rounded the parking lot corner and her old beat up, fading paint SUV (explorer or something) was on the other side of a big white van without windows so I took the opportunity to pretend that the van was hers and called her ride the rape van.

I teased her about how I didn’t want any of her candy and that NO I wasn’t going to get into her van (reversing the usual roles) and she hit me and vehemently denied that the van was hers.  By this time we were standing between the van and her car and I really thought about going in for a kiss, but I wasn’t sure if she’d be comfortable with it yet (given her history with not having met anyone like that) and she went in for a hug, so I pulled her tight, smelling her hair, but it didn’t last all that long.  I decided to leave it at that since we were both late, knowing that I would definitely have another opportunity.

She texted me to confirm that she had a great time with me and was looking forward to getting together again.  We joked the rest of the day over text and I realized that this girl could quickly replace Maria as my go to if the physicality ends up being good.  She just has more intelligence and I feel like I click with her better.  Besides, Maria has her own place, but she has a dog that’s kind of annoying and the place is TINY, so the fact that Rose lives with her parents isn’t really any worse.  Rose also lives pretty close to me, but works within a short distance so regular lunch dates are actually feasible (Maria works far away).

Like this, but more like girl next door cute and quirky looking with bangs/wavy hair, not curls:

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4 Responses to “Girls of 2012 – Rose”

  1. I would tell you that you should of went for the kiss but, I had a quick drink date with a girl and didn’t go for the kiss. The next time I did and we are still dating to this day (its been three months). Sometimes you have to just go with what you think works best. Good stuff her man. Keep us posted on this one

  2. awesome story.

    “called her ride the rape van.”

    money money money

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