Every Rose has it’s thorn

I’m sure she has a thorn somewhere, but Rose has been really great.  Had lunch with her today (she bought the Jamba Juice), then met up with her late after work.  Our date consisted of her riding in my car while I started teaching her to drive stick (just let her shift while I drove) while we went over to the hardware store to pick up a bunch of extension cords for an event I’m running for my old work tomorrow.  Then we went to the store and bought some salad supplies and came back to my place.

We made a damn good salad.  Actually, I directed her as to what she could help with and then prepped the chicken (messiest part).  Mixed greens, cucumber, roma tomato, mozzarella, bacon, chicken, walnuts, etc… in a light raspberry and walnut vinaigrette.  With this we drank some Stella Rosa (she likes it and I like sweet things so it was nice) and ate by candlelight while listening to a Bachata type station I loaded up on Pandora over the living room stereo.  I felt like a pimp.  Having stuff around and available makes just hanging out at your place seem like a planned romantic date.

But the money thing.  The REALLY money thing that happened tonight was that I forgot to put strawberries in the salad and we realized it after we’d eaten.  Then I remembered that I’d been smart enough to bring home some hot fudge that a client made me.  I heated it up in the microwave just long enough to melt it and then we ate strawberries dipped in it.  I started feeding her, put some hot fudge on my finger and let her lick it off, putting my finger in her mouth, then pulling it out right as my lips met hers.  Fucking hot make out session involving me taking a sip of the Stella Rosa and letting it run into her mouth as I stood over her and leaned down for a kiss.

Then I picked her up, putting her legs around me and walked her into my bedroom where I eventually found out it was her time of the month.  We ended up making out and dry humping with her topless and me nearly naked for the better part of 3 hours.  She had tried jerking me off, but it was too dry so I couldn’t quite climax, so later I just got turned on enough that I just put it near her mouth and ended up moving her to the edge of the bed (still thinking I might weird her out doing this, but doing it anyway) and having her lay her head back off the edge of the bed while I slowly mouth fucked her, teasing us both.  Then I rolled onto the bed and she went down on me.  Had to give her some significant direction, but she picked up on it fast and I found out she loved every minute of it, including me finishing in her mouth.  Why do I think girls don’t want to give head (or swallow?).

Phew, what a night.  Past 3 AM = Oh shit I have to work tomorrow and I was supposed to be in early. I need to watch my priorities…

~ by aneroidocean on 01/27/2012.

2 Responses to “Every Rose has it’s thorn”

  1. great story. gonna read the background on rose.

  2. “Then I picked her up, putting her legs around me and walked her into my bedroom ”

    this is the money part, in my opinion

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