Valentine’s Day – 2012

Here’s what I planned for Valentine’s Day this year.  Current status (because I’m still behind on posts about some of these situations) is as follows:

Rose – Currently Dating

Maria – Currently Dating

MILF – Currently OFF after a super drama bomb night (crazy drama), but she’s still texting me, even while traveling internationally so this may resurface.

General: Except for Maria, I haven’t really been dating any of them much longer than a couple months, so I really don’t want to do anything big for Valentine’s Day.  While a lot of PUA’s would probably advise against doing something on Valentine’s Day for a girl, I really see no problem with it, as long as it’s not over the top.  I really dislike the commercialization of many of these silly days, but at the same time, if a girl treats me right, I have no problem surprising her with something that I know she will REALLY like.  When I’m dating more than 1 girl, it seems pointless to do anything where I spend the whole day with her.  I need to keep away from sending the signal that I’m falling in love with a girl when I haven’t (yet).

First, I found out their e-mail addresses (from Facebook, but hell if I was going to post anything on Facebook) and e-mailed them the following (I personalized each one a little, but generally wrote this):

Subject: Do you like this picture…

Body: …of me that I took for you for Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Attached picture:

This started everything off on the right foot, they really all enjoyed this immensely.  The MILF shit tested me back a little, but I destroyed that test with some witty banter.  The thing that REALLY fucks her up is that not only is she intensely physically attracted to me, but where I REALLY turn stimulate her is mentally.

Rose had been texting me last night and shared that she was baking cupcakes and cookies (in general) and that she had some special ones just for me.  She was asking if I’d ever had a specific type of cookie and it was clear she was trying to make me some sweets for Valentine’s Day.  This being the case, I set up a lunch date with her for today.  I chose a very reasonably priced Thai restaurant near my place (two entrees, an appetizer, and a Thai Iced Tea worked out to $27 bucks) that I hadn’t been to for a long time and asked her to meet me there after the lunch rush.  Before showing up, I went to the grocery store nearby and chose a tall thin vase with 3 or 4 roses and a couple other flowers with some baby’s breath that all went well together.  It took me all of 5 minutes walking into the store, choosing, paying, and walking out.

I found her sitting in the waiting area of the restaurant with my clean tupperware (I had sent her with some leftovers the other night) which had baggies of different types of cookies inside and a box she had picked out specifically to hold the four red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting that she had made from scratch.  I produced the vase/bouquet from behind my back while walking up to her and her face lit up like when I unzip my pants.  I selected a booth for us (different than the hostess’ choice of a table) and told her to scoot over so I could sit next to her.  We shared a Thai Iced Tea and had a great time, pushing both our lunch breaks a little long.  I teased her plenty enough so that when I see her next she will absolutely be all over me.  It was super nice to see her and she was very grateful that I did something nice for her.

Maria had been texting me the night before as well, so I am currently trying to see if I can stop by her house before my master plan, which is to head over to my friend’s place (he’s recovering from a near-death injury and his gf breaking up with him) to spend V-Day with him.  It’s exquisite in that it’s the perfect excuse for not hanging with a girl on Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes I am a little evil.  Okay, maybe more than a little evil.  I am seriously considering bringing her the last red velvet cupcake that Rose gave me as if I had bought it for Maria.

The MILF is asking for a real picture of me (versus the e-mailed one) and won’t quit.  We’ll have to see what that turns into.  I’m not too invested, so anything is really a bonus.

I need a third active girl to make my harem complete.

The best thing about Valentine’s Day?  Steak and a Blow Job Day is just around the corner.  If your girl doesn’t celebrate this holiday, you shouldn’t consider doing anything for her on Valentine’s Day.  Just saying.


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  1. good game bro

  2. “Her face lit like when I unzip my pants.”


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