Post Valentine’s Day Sexting

Now, I really don’t approve of the overuse of sexting, but I think a little teasing here and there is in bounds:

Sent to both Rose and Maria:

AneroidOcean: Smelling your neck as I inhale, feeling you shiver and demure as I exhale and bite you, entering you slowly from behind as I hold myself up over you.

Rose: Oh God dammit why did I ask you to tell me?!  Haha ugh!!  I’m already suffering here haha

Maria: I want you sliding deep inside of me so you can feel how wet I am.


~ by aneroidocean on 02/16/2012.

One Response to “Post Valentine’s Day Sexting”

  1. Reason sexting is bad(if abused)is that it becomes pretty awkward whenever the meet up does come.

    If it’s sexting with a girl you’d already banged:then cool.But sexting relentlessly with a new girl is a bad idea.

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