Thorny Rose

Text conversation this morning after sexing up Rose a whole lot after a silly movie we were watching crashed my laptop:

Rose: I dreamt that we were at your friends party and they were saying oh you’re that girl and they started naming all these things we did and we hadn’t done those things.  They thought I was this other girl you were seeing.

I haven’t responded yet.  Not really sure what to say other than something random like “Interesting dream” and then change the subject.


UPDATE: I kind of freaked out but was smart enough to ask two of my friends.  One said I should respond with, “interesting dream” and just see what she responds with.  Another suggested, “That’s pretty wild!  do you want to go to a party with me :)” and told me to make it fun.

The second friend’s suggestion sounded the best, so I went with it.  I got back:

Rose: :*(

Rose: Haha noooo!!

AneroidOcean: Ok, how about a day at the beach instaed?  :)

Rose: When are you thinking?  Maybe for a little bit I need to study

And it went on well from there.




THE LESSON: Always be upbeat and fun, maintain your frame!  I could’ve answered with any number of shitty responses, but I’m glad I waited the 3+ hours to respond to her until I’d got some really good advice from a good friend.


~ by aneroidocean on 02/17/2012.

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