Little or no response is the best response

Real Made Men links an excellent sound bit that got me thinking about how great a decision it can be to NOT respond to a female.

If you don’t have a good response, don’t make one.  If you have a response, make it succinct.  Often times the less you say, the better you get your point across.  This works especially well with women, as it keeps them on their toes as they can’t read everything you’re thinking (like a beta guy would share about).

I learned this lesson a little more when texting Rose in this post where I was all but ready to FREAK OUT over a text that sure seemed like a huge problem.  I didn’t respond for nearly 3 hours until I’d received good advice on how to do so.  When I did respond, this text she sent that I thought was a huge problem ended up being nearly nothing at all.

I’ve done the same thing with the MILF, where I’ve given her some succinct, intensely intellectual responses (compared to what she’s used to from anyone my age) peppered with plenty of non-responses.  She eats it up, thinks I’m super hard to figure out (she keeps trying to put me into a box but can’t), and thinks I’m mysterious and seductive.

It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than speak up and remove all doubt.


~ by aneroidocean on 02/24/2012.

One Response to “Little or no response is the best response”

  1. Great advice – been trying to implement it myself lately. That or short, open ended questions instead of answers.

    From what I can tell its best if together in a way that sounds like an answer at first, but really doesn’t give her anything solid and hides a question that she’ll answer. She doesn’t realize any of it because she’s already talking and answering the question you hid.

    Then, later when she’s thinking and trying to figure you out she’ll realize it and be curious and thinking about you all day.

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