Inspired by ReemaChronicles recent post on disrespect:

I once invited a girl (who was my female friend’s boss at the time) to sleep in my bed and have her equally drunk friend crash on the couch as they couldn’t drive.  I had been drinking but was not as drunk as them.  Earlier in the night I had let the girl know in no uncertain terms that I was not into her and that she just wasn’t my type (nice body but not really my type in the face or personality departments).  She was cute (both girls were promo models), but that wasn’t enough.  I reiterated this when offering her a place to spend the night.  I told her that I was dead serious and she said she understood.

After getting to my house and getting in bed (clothed), I quickly fell asleep with this girl on the other side of my bed.  I don’t know how long it had been, but I was jolted into consciousness because I could feel someone on top of me.  I awoke and as my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see that this girl was straddling me in nothing but her panties and was trying to come down to kiss me.  I stopped her by pushing against her chest with my hands.  Of course, this meant that her nice tits were suddenly in my hands.  I paused for a nanosecond considering how nice her tits felt squeezed in my hands before sticking with my decision and pushing her off of me and almost off the bed.

I was pretty annoyed, enough so that I just flew out my bedroom door, into the living room, and woke up her friend.  I told her friend that I was going to sleep on the couch and that she could go ahead and sleep with her girl friend in my bed.  A few minutes later I realized that I had to piss pretty bad so I stepped into the hallway leading to the restroom right near my bedroom door.  What I heard wafting out my bedroom door was inexplicable.  My friend’s boss who I had so nicely allowed to sleep in my bed even after she tried to take advantage of me, was telling her friend that the EXACT OPPOSITE had happened.  I didn’ t hear third hand how this girl was accusing me of near rape, but FIRST HAND outside my own god damn bedroom door that I had tried to take advantage of her.  Not knowing what to make of it, and thinking that the world had turned insane, I pissed and then went and passed out on the couch.

I awoke early.  I did my thing around the house, last night’s overheard conversation swirling and darkening in my mind, as I waited for them to rise.  The first one out of my bedroom was the friend and she was polite in gathering her things.  She said she was going to go get their car and pick up her friend.  Then the culprit emerged, all ready to go, used the restroom, and then headed towards the door.  Pausing only to greet me and say goodbye, that they had to go.  I followed her to the door where I saw that her friend had pulled around and was waiting next to the curb with the car running and the window down.

I let loose.  I was calm, but firm in my wording, using enough volume that there was no question that her friend could hear.  I told her that I overheard her the night before talking to her friend and telling her STRAIGHT LIES about my taking advantage of her.  I described in painful (to her) detail how much she had been into me and how I had gone to great lengths to make sure she understood I was letting her crash but that I was not interested in her.  Her and her friend had to hear about how I woke up with her straddling me in nothing but her panties and how I had to push her off of me in order to get out of my own bedroom.  She started apologizing all over herself and saying that she didn’t remember a thing about it, that she was too drunk to remember.

“No,” I said.  “NOBODY disrespects me like that in my own home, especially after I was kind enough to invite you into it.  If it weren’t for you being my friend’s boss I would’ve thrown you out on the street.”

She just said how sorry she was and slinked away to the car.

I’ve seen this girl since and she’s always SUPER nice and respectful to me.  I doubt that she’ll ever try to say anything negative about me behind my back again.

The best thing to come from this situation is that I saw that girls can disrespect even the most honorable of men.  If she told her friend that I had taken advantage of her, surely many girls would have no remorse in alleging to the authorities that consensual sex was actually rape.  I never really put much credence into the idea that there are many (if at all) false rape accusations.  Now I am pretty certain that they are way more common than society would lead you to believe.

~ by aneroidocean on 02/29/2012.

11 Responses to “Disrespect”

  1. I think there are a ton of false rape accusations. Kagen’s research in two midwestern college towns found that 40-50 percent of rape allegations were eventually judged to be without merit by the police there. The False Rape Societies web page turns up multiple false allegations almost every day.

    As for that incident 1) I probably would have fucked here; 2) I think the way you handled the aftermath of her false allegation was good; 3) I’d probably use her new found attitude towards you to fuck her at least once in the future.

  2. Great post man! You checked her immediately and everything changed. If you would have let that slide, you would have had people thinking you were a rapist. Shit is crazy

  3. I’m gonna go out on a limb to say that most reported-rape cases are false accusations.Women are just known for such malicious things.Perhaps they liked the guy and wanted more.He banged her,they got into an argument,she claimed rape.

    Anyway,good scenarios that you’d pointed out of disrespect.

    • While sure to take a shit ton of flak amongst women, i agree with Kenny’s assertion here. The majority of ‘rape’ that happens is precisely because feminists have twisted the very definition of what constitutes rape as to be meaningless.

      There is no mass horde of north american men chasing women into dark ally’s and raping them against their will, or forced sex rapes. A majority are where women are either blackout drunk and cannot recall, or where they end up regretting the encounter, retconning it into a twisted tale, or where they simply did not assert their voice and chose to be a victim rather than choose to assert agency over their actions.

      Too many times i’ve heard women saying that they said ‘yes’ because they were pressured or harrassed or made to feel uncomfortable or whatever. This is not rape.. it’s giving up agency. If someone wanted anal sex with me being the recipient, you could harass me for a thousand years, i’ll still say no. You would literally have to hold a gun to me to do it. Only then, when the option of saying NO is taken out of your hands by way of death or greivous bodily harm can you say “I am a victim”.

      Otherwise, all you did was abdicate you responsibility to not be a victim, which is what many women do voluntariliy because they’ve been trained by the feminist cunts to be in a perpetual state of fear and ‘give in’ to sex rather than assert a NO because ohhh my.. rapey mcraperstein is going to kill you.

      Or perhaps, he would just say ‘Ok, you don’t want to fuck me.. fine, theres the door.. gtfo’.

      • Thank you for your comment.

        “Ok, you don’t want to fuck me.. fine, theres the door.. gtfo”

        Funny how men deal with this kind of rejection practically before we can open our mouths to speak to a woman, yet women can RARELY handle rejection once they have any kind of significant investment in the situation.

  4. Wow. That’s intense. Good thing you heard them talking about it so that you could control the situation like you did instead of letting those lies spread about you.

    Its definitely a warning on how women will react when rejected like that though. Makes you think twice about what kind of lies a woman that forward would tell behind your back. If I ever wind up in the same situation I’ll make sure to tell the friend on the couch what was going on so that I can have control of the situation from the start instead of her lying sack of shit.

    • Yeah, it was nuts.

      To clarify, they were both really drunk. Telling her drunk friend on the couch what was going on would not have affected anything really as she wouldn’t have had the wherewithal to really understand or perhaps even remember.

  5. Punishing disrespect from women swiftly and firmly is the best course.

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  7. You did everything well after you woke up, but dude, why the heck didn’t you put both of them in your bed and slept on the couch yourself? Yes, it was your bed, but isn’t it more comfortable alone on a couch than in bed with someone you don’t even want to touch? I would have slept in the same bed with her only if I wanted sex with her, which you clearly didn’t.

    • I’d much rather sleep in my bed with one girl that I’m not trying to have sex with than on the couch. I didn’t pay it much mind how into me she was, but then I’d never experienced a false rape (almost) accusation. Fucked up.

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