SurfMuffin Returns

It’s been nearly 2 months of zero contact.  The last we spoke it was her texting me thanks for the breakfast taco I bought her before her ride arrived after a late Saturday night booty call where she paid for a taxi to take her to my house so I could fuck her.

I’m not really sure how to respond (she sent me “Hey stranger.”  She texted me last night while I was out with Maria having tacos and a couple beers.  I’m leaning towards not wanting to respond to her because I don’t really care to hook up with her.  While I hate to close out an option, I think she’s just too risky of one.  Yes it’s nice that she’s young and really eager to please me when we do hook up, but the fact that she just contacts me out of the blue usually is just kind of unappealing.  I think because she has to be hooking up with other guys.  What girl with that kind of appetite wouldn’t be?

I’m just not interested in exposing myself to that much risk just because she’s young and I can treat her like my sex slave when she’s around.

I need to grow my harem so this decision is completely easy.


~ by aneroidocean on 02/29/2012.

8 Responses to “SurfMuffin Returns”

  1. Why not?

    I’d do her again. Who cares if she shagging others. She’s a slut girl. They can be fun.

    Will she be an on call girl if you want her to be?

  2. Then it sounds like she’s trying to make you HER oncall. Lol I’ve text guys “hey stranger” all the time. I guess a lot of the times I do it when I’m bored & just want to kill some time or if we haven’t talked for awhile & I kinda want to talk to him but don’t really have anything to say.

    Anyway lol, my advice, if you DON’T want to sleep with her again then DON’T text her back. She’ll probly move on fairly quickly. But if you text her even some lame small talk shit then she’ll hold on.

    • Yeah, I think you may be right, but something just seems off. She is super busy, so it may also be that she’s reacting to my indifference and realizing that I really don’t care and thus trying to disconnect herself from me. But then she thinks about it and texts me. The last text exchange I had with her:

      10:00 PM
      SurfMuffin: Are you around tonight?
      AO: In [close by beach town] but may be heading home. What time?
      SurfMuffin: You tell me a time.

      12:18 AM
      AO: 12:30 AM
      SurfMuffin: What about 1:30 since you gave me such short notice.
      AO: You are kind of short. By 1:30 is ok, but don’t bother later. Gonna go say hi to some friends [at bar close by].

      12:49 AM
      SurfMuffin: k
      SurfMuffin: Imma have to taxi it. Cause I don’t have a car!
      AO: Get on it

      1:16 AM
      SurfMuffin: Waiting on a taxi
      AO: From? [Local Town]?
      SurfMuffin: What’s LT?

      1:32 AM
      AO: LT = Local Town. In a cab yet?

      SurfMuffin arrives on scene a few minutes later. Just in time. I gave her an extra 10-15 minutes considering she had to take a cab. It had to be at least a $20 cab ride, maybe more.

      Pleasantries exchanged, fluids deposited…

      She always seems to want to get drunk too. Don’t get me wrong, I like to drink too, but it’s a little worrisome. Oh well. Case closed due to lack of evidence.

      • Yep, sounds like she made you her oncall. Also, sounds like she’s probly young & not comfortable with sex yet, which is why she has to be tipsy for it.

        • Well, she’s 22 and I don’t think she lacks experience. Not only are girls becoming experienced younger and younger, but you don’t take a dick like she does and not have some experience.

          • Damn girls really do start having sex younger.. things are so much different from when I grew up & I’m only 30!! Shit changes fast.

            • Only 30. Hahaha. Think you got some hamster going there Roxem. You’re 30, you need to lock a half decent guy down QUICK and pop out some little Roxems to manage.

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