I just gotta say, that the most satisfying part of my day was taking a huge shit.  Not snoozing my alarm this morning, not driving down the coast staring at the ocean on my way to work, not having a lunch date with Rose, not sexting Maria, not fixing things at work, not getting a bunch of things done on time, not dropping off my lifeguard application form at the station, not even when I drive away from work to go back home.

This was the kind of shit that fills the entire bowl, so full that the last 2 or 3 long curly turds are sticking out of the water like a tropical island.  A stench so rank that it made me gag a little (even with an industrial ceiling fan sucking fresh air into the bathroom).  My stomach feels so relieved, and the industrial toilet at my work took that dump like a champ.

Right now, I’m glowing.


~ by aneroidocean on 03/01/2012.

4 Responses to “Movements”

  1. Lmfao!! Wow. AND at work?? It must be a guy thing cuz idk many girls willing to take a shit at work lol.

    • I’ve shit in a bucket and over the side of a commercial vessel while it’s freezing cold out WHILE someone took my picture (the asshole, no pun intended). Any clean private toilet will do after that.

      Besides, don’t little boys think that poop and farts are the funniest things? Don’t you know that the same exact things that we loved to do as kids are nearly the same things that are fun to do as adults?

      I love playing doctor too.

      • I love me a sexy doctor <3

        If guys like crude stuff like that so much (shitting, farts, etc)… how about when a GIRL does it?? lol

  2. […] Roxem inspired a reply that I figured warranted a full post.  Her comment on my Movements post was as follows: If guys like crude stuff like that so much (shitting, farts, etc)… how […]

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