Girls of 2011 – Shy Blonde

I once had a girl and her female friend start talking about how attractive I was while I sat 4 feet away at the bar (they were at a table directly behind me). The friend questioned my ethnicity (Mexican, which I’m not), I knew they had to be talking about me (hell, the bar was near empty), so I got up and pulled out a chair at the table and introduced myself (figuring what do I have to lose?). The 3rd person at their table was a guy that was kind of a douche to me when I sat down.  He asked, “What, did you just get out of a wedding” with what I took to be a snicker.  I was pretty sure it was a snide attitude he was using, but as it could’ve been lighthearted I didn’t react strongly (really the smallest reaction is the best one period) and just let them all know that I worked on the side for my friend’s company managing and working events.

The male friend chilled out at this point (and eventually left after paying the bill for both girls…haha what a beta) and the female friend (a cop I found out pretty quickly) chatted me up and laid it all out for me to not even have to flirt with the hot girl.  My dumb ass still wasn’t sure if the hot girl was into me or if her friend was just trying to set us up as the blonde didn’t really talk much and eventually excused herself to go use the bathroom.  Her cop friend was not attractive, but pretty cool, so I continued nursing my drink and laughing and having a good time with her.

When the blonde returned she opened up just a little and I got her laughing and smiling with us.  I acted like I knew it was in the bag, even if in my head I was still not certain as to what was going on.  I assumed that the blonde had to have been the one that initially thought I was attractive, otherwise why would her friend have been so welcoming and pushed me towards her blonde friend?  I talked to them some more and when I was done with my drink and they also were ready to go I walked out with them.   I still wasn’t sure if the hot girl was that into me (due to her being kind of shy/lack of interaction) until I walked down the long steps from the bar with them (the cop 10 feet or more ahead), then paused at the bottom as the shy blonde looked up into my eyes, and all my uncertainty went straight out the window as I leaned in and we started kissing passionately.

“My fucking god” I thought as we tried to swallow each other’s tongues.  While I normally prefer brunettes with a more olive complexion, this girl was absolutely stunning.  Long blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, sun-kissed skin, slender but toned build, gorgeous natural C-cup breasts under a long white dress.  What else could you ask for on the west coast?

Like this body:

With this face:

This night I had walked over to the bar expecting it to be dead, but hoping my friend was working so I could get a nightcap so large it comes poured into a pint glass.  I had endured one of the hardest nights working for my friend’s event company.  What I got as a welcome bonus was a shy GORGEOUS 32 year old blonde with a friend serving her up on a platter.

The hot girl was the kind of girl your buddies won’t believe that you hooked up with unless they meet ’em in the flesh.

What was I wearing you ask? Dress shoes, fitted black slacks, a tuxedo shirt (with nice cuff links) with the top button or two unbuttoned and my bow tie unclasped and hanging to one side.  Like this, but I’m not as handsome, my hair was short, and my bow tie was one of those pre-tied ones that you clasp.

Overdressed = AWESOME.

So now you want to know what happened from here, right?  The night got even better.  We walked with my arm around her and her nuzzling into me, stopping every 20 feet to make out some more, all the while slowly following her friend to where their car was parked.  Her friend is taking her time, letting us follow like distracted little kids.  We finally get to their car and it’s some sort of SUV.  I nobly open the front door for the shy blonde and somehow she corrects my mistake for me.  She says, “But I can’t make out with you up there” and I quickly recognize my idiocy by jumping into the back seat with her and proceeding to makeout furiously.  The cop friend makes some excuse about needing to get gas and so we make out furiously on the way to the gas station and while her friend is pumping gas.  Her friend even hops out of the car at the gas station and encourages us not to stop.

At this point they are going to drop me off so as we pull around the block to where I live, I keep making out with shy blonde up until the point that I’m getting out of the car.  This is where I made another huge mistake.  I told her while her friend was within earshot something along the lines of “Oh wow, you’re so cute, can’t I just take you home with me?”

Now, I meant it in a child-like way.  Not in a perverted way (although of course what do you think I wanted to do with her?), but as soon as I opened my mouth to do some stupid white knight backpedal like, “Well, not like that” the cop friend stated bluntly, “Well, that’s up to her.”

What should I have said?

“Alright, well thanks for the ride, I’ll make sure she gets home safe.”

What did I say?

“No, I think she just wants to tease me by making out with me some more before I go inside.”

She nodded and we made out some more, then I actually picked her up, set her inside the front passenger seat, and walked off to my front door.

Now, it didn’t hit me at first, because I thought that the night had been so incredible (considering I was just walking over for a nightcap), but I had truly fucked up.  I had her number, but I built her up and then left her there wet pussy and all for her cop friend to drive her home.  She responded to a few of my texts for a while after that, but the magic was lost and she never met up with me.

I texted her once, maybe 3-4 months later asking her whatever happened and she said that she was sorry, she had met someone and was happy.  I wished her good luck with that.  One of the biggest things I fucked up is not picking up more on the fact that she was nearly 2 years older than me (and that she said that she was too old for me).  What I needed to do was act like a man and take her in my house and show her a fucking great night while I had her on a platter.  Instead, I was totally incongruent at the end of the night with my actions versus the rest of the night.  I went from an exotic dashingly dressed Alpha to a beta with some expensive clothes on.

Her friend wasn’t trying to get her into a relationship (well, yes, she was ultimately because what guy wouldn’t turn that down for at least a few months), but she was trying to get her laid by a confident, attractive, guy.  I was that guy.  I made myself not that guy at the end.

This is a lesson that my track record with girls proves that I haven’t fully learned.  I’m definitely getting there, though, and it feels good.  Unlike what I feel when I think back on that moment outside their car, all signs pointing to “TAKE HER HOME, SHE IS YOURS FOR THE TAKING!”


~ by aneroidocean on 03/08/2012.

3 Responses to “Girls of 2011 – Shy Blonde”

  1. Hmmm.

    I’m trying to think of how to best close that kind of situation. Inviting her inside for another drink? Asking her if she needs to use the bathroom?

    Not being in the situation, not sure how direct you should have been.

    If you re-did the night, how what would you have done to try and close it instead?

    • I would’ve said JUST ABOUT ANYTHING really.

      My frame was still pretty solid until I threw it all away.

      “I’ve got this great bottle of dessert wine you should try.”

      “It’s still early, I’ll make sure she gets home safe.” (to the cop friend)

      So many options that probably would’ve worked out fine, I just had to stop beta/white knighting it up and grab what was laid out on a silver platter for me. I didn’t have to fuck her in the house, but I almost certainly could have.

  2. Ouch. We all got a few of these.

    Within earshot of friends, inviting her inside for a drink is always best. Your proposed “i’ll make sure she gets back safely” is always good too. “Safe/Safely” are good words to drop around her friends.

    But yeah, you’re basically right practically anything else would have been better. I mean cop friend was clearly doing everything she could to make it happen.

    Live and learn, yeah.

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