Hygiene (Or Lack Thereof)

We all know that personal hygiene is important, but sometimes life and a busy schedule (laziness) gets in the way.

As I sit right now, I haven’t showered since Monday morning.  That’s nearly 84 hours.

Wow, that might be a personal record.

Now, let me clarify.  I’ve changed my shirt (every day) underwear and socks (at least twice) and I’m not generally a really smelly guy, nor does my work require me to work a lot in the heat or in a way that I’d break a big sweat.  If I don’t shower, I do make some effort to clean myself by taking a Mexican Shower and throwing on some deoderant (I prefer explanation number 4 in that link, although I never go in that order and I usually use paper towels and just water, no urinal cakes for me thanks). However, I’ve really only been rinsing my face and I think I washed my junk in the sink once (with soap).  I always wipe my ass with toilet paper sprinkled with hot water, so my ass is usually squeaky damn clean.  It’s better than a bidet.  My hair while thick is cut pretty short, so a simple rinse is enough as I don’t even need to style it until it grows out a bit more.  That’s still a pretty damn long time to go without a real shower, though.

All the better for when I take a hot shower tonight to end my streak.

How about you, readers?  During normal activity (not going to the gym or going to a sweaty music festival) what’s the longest you’ve gone without a real shower?

NOTE: Yes, I did go see Maria  Tuesday night (just to catch up a little and then I took off as I’m still pretty sick) and yes, I do brush my teeth and floss on the regular.


~ by aneroidocean on 03/08/2012.

10 Responses to “Hygiene (Or Lack Thereof)”

  1. I’ve gone 72hrs, a few different times, without showering or washing/rinsing my hair. I think I cleaned my goodies with a soapy washcloth once during each of those times. I felt disgusting, but I was either sick or just going through a lazy streak so I was just sitting at home the whole time. No big deal. Nothing I would do on the regular though lol.

    • Nasty!

      My good friend doesn’t use deoderant and doesn’t really use soap in the shower, he just rinses off. He’s a freak and doesn’t really have body odor, though. It’s so weird. I wonder how that even occurs in nature.

      I was inspired by your post about workplace sex to post a little story. I’ll put it up soon.

  2. I’m almost sorry i read this article, gagged a few times.

    I want max 3 days when i was like 13, though now i only miss a day here and there

    • Well, if you almost gagged don’t read my Movements post. I showered this morning, just for my readers (ok, no, Rose is coming back from a week long business trip and now it’s really time to get down to business).

      • I think i’ve already read a post like if i recall correctly….. it left me with the same feeling.

        shower because its business time…. its really the only time to shower

  3. I’ll sometimes go a couple days without a shower sometimes if I’m working at home for a few days and not doing anything physically strenuous. I definitely make sure to always use deodorant liberally when that happens though.

    But if I’m going out I make sure to shower. More for the sense of cleanliness as well as to make sure my hair looks good. I have long, thick, curly red hair that I love. I’m proud of it and don’t want what I consider one of my best physical features looking like shit.

  4. this is a crazy post.

    funny though

  5. “I always wipe my ass with toilet paper sprinkled with hot water, so my ass is usually squeaky damn clean.”

    too much

  6. About 3 days in military school. Was a busy week and didn’t have time.

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