Weird Girls

So Roxem inspired a reply that I figured warranted a full post.  Her comment on my Movements post was as follows:

If guys like crude stuff like that so much (shitting, farts, etc)… how about when a GIRL does it?? lol

I once dated a girl that LOVED it when I’d fart around her. I let one fly on accident once and was embarrassed until I saw how hard she was laughing, smiling, LOVING it. I have to say, it was VERY different, but it was kind of cool. Now, mind you, she never farted around me, but she would die laughing especially if I sat on her and farted right on her.  She had such a child-like fun attitude, gorgeous smile, and infectious laugh.

She also had other quirks like never wanting to take her bra off (her breasts were pretty small but not deformed or anything) and she LOVED it when I’d push my stomach out like I had a belly. She’d pat it like a little drum and almost squeal in delight. She’d say, “make it bigger, yeah, bigger!”

What weird things have girls you’ve dated liked?


~ by aneroidocean on 03/09/2012.

5 Responses to “Weird Girls”

  1. can’t report much.

    one girl liked it when i bit her tits really hard.

  2. Lmao your ex sounds like an old friend of mine, she had such a child-like enthusiasm about things. Otherwise damn I guess most girls are pretty boring cuz no one’s got much to say!!

  3. Still you don’t complete MILF.

    Getting tired of this.

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