Girls Around Me

I figure I’ll just post this here, let people read the article, and solicit discussion:

“It’s when you push the radar button that Girls Around Me does what it says on the tin. I pressed the button for my friends. Immediately, Girls Around Me went into radar mode, and after just a few seconds, the map around us was filled with pictures of girls who were in the neighborhood. Since I was showing off the app on a Saturday night, there were dozens of girls out on the town in our local area.”


~ by aneroidocean on 04/02/2012.

19 Responses to “Girls Around Me”

  1. Now that’s just fucked up. What happened to the good ol’ days when if someone wasn’t home you’d have no way to reach them.

  2. I thought it was interesting. I’d be interested in using it solely to find out spots that have attractive women in them and at what times. Then go see if it was a place and time I think I’d both have fun and meet attractive women. Beyond that I think it’d kill any sort of organic approach.

    I think it’s stupid that the app got nuked for people’s reactions though. They didn’t do anything wrong. Like the original writer said, it was all just taking and condensing info people chose to make public.

    • Those people (women) didn’t KNOW their information was being put into an app like that.

      That app is a serial killer’s dream. He can save time finding the best looking women to kill and cut up.

      • While I agree that these women didn’t know their information was being put into an app like that, they are still responsible for the dissemination of their own personal information. There is great documentation on how they handle your personal information and there are many guides out there on limiting the exposure of your personal information.

        Any enterprising serial killer (or stalker or whatever) would be able to cull that data themselves, without this kind of app being available. It’s a little strawman to bring that up.

        • Okay, you’re assuming that teens and young women read guides about online data and personal safety. Get real.

          It doesn’t occur to them that anyone other than their “friends” see their information. And “friend” to them is defined as anyone on Facebook.

          • They should stand up and be responsible for their actions. Right now your whole argument is saying, “Women are stupid. They don’t know or don’t care that this information is available to anyone that would be interested in finding them and using that information to their gain.”

            Maybe those women should ‘get real’ as you put it and realize exactly what world they’re living in. One where no one is responsible for their own actions but themselves, including putting information on facebook.

            I also think you’re far too melodramatic about the serial killer thing. Look at the numbers on how much of the population does that – and dear god stop using cop shows, movies, or literature to both create your own state of fear and base your interactions with reality on them.

          • I think Leap of a Beta responded to all your comments so far pretty well. I’d respond to you by saying that I’m not assuming they read them, I’m saying that it is their responsibility AND it benefits them greatly to have found out how their information is being used. This is no different than reading the fine print when signing up for a free contest or giving any other company your personal information.

            If you care about your privacy, don’t give your information to a company that’s not going to respect that. If a company gives you some pretty extensive features to protect your privacy (and heck, with Facebook as an example they even WARN you about privacy settings) and you don’t use them, you’re the ONLY one to blame.

            You brought up Facebook, apparently you’re not even familiar with how Facebook works for minors. Minors CAN’T share their information with anyone past a friend of a friend and there are different location based defaults. You should educate yourself if you’re going to bring up an example:


            • I know exactly how minors share their info because I know teen girls, many of whom have enormous numbers (like 1500) of friends on FB they share EVERYTHING with. These “friends” even connect with them directly to their cell phones. I know, I’ve watched it happen.

              These girls are so naive they don’t differentiate between FB friends and real life friends.

  3. I didn’t say “women”. I said TEENS and YOUNG WOMEN, which to me means early 20s.

    Teens are not “going to stand up and be responsible”. Actually, their safety is their parents responsibility, but what I’ve noticed is parents are very naive about the internet and any potential danger from it.

    As for serial killers, the odds of being killed by one are probably the same as winning a lottery, yet someone does win the lottery.

    For individual woman, they should be aware of the potential to attract a serial killer. They ARE out there. Killing.

    I don’t live in a state of fear, but I don’t live in a state of ignorance, either.

  4. Carolina – women are capable of making life long choices at the ages you’re describing. For most of human existence, the women you’re claiming are too stupid and irresponsible to be held accountable for their choices would have already been married and had a kid or two at their age.

    So lets be clear – they’re capable of making smart choices. Its other women like you with a desire to shelter them from the consequences of their choices that has hobbled their ability to think through those consequences. Why care about that if daddy, mommy, the police, society, ANYONE, will ride in to her rescue?

    Also – your lottery argument is a melodramatic, exaggerated strawman. There’s a reason we have rights spelled out in the constitution – so that things like fear don’t get in the way of impairing people’s rights. The KKK abuses the right of freedom of speech. Yet it’s worth dealing with their bullshit so that I can say what I want and what I believe. The same is true for this application – you don’t make paranoid decisions based on a super small minority that could do the same damn thing with or without this application.

    Hell, even without facebook a lot of the needed information needed for stalkers is available via google searches on someone’s name. Just by taking your comments, using the IP address that wordpress records on each commenter, and putting it into an IP address search Aneroid could find where you’re posting from for free in three minutes – if he was a hacker he could use it to hack your computer, put in software viruses, and steal personal information right off your computer.

    The world isn’t a safe place, and trying to put superficial bandaids on these types of things won’t make it one. The only way these women will grow up and actually make the ‘safe’ decisions you want them to is to stop babying them, stop trying to blame the people making the app or using it, and teach them to think for themselves and face their consequences.

  5. Also, I have to say, you considering young women into their 20’s to be unable to think and make choices just makes me laugh.

    Hello female misogynist Carolina, how are you today? Glad to see your opinion of women is so low.

    • It’s not my opinion of adult women, it’s YOUNG WOMEN and TEENS specifically. Learn to read what someone is saying.

      • Carolina, chill out. Look at what you said:

        “I didn’t say “women”. I said TEENS and YOUNG WOMEN, which to me means early 20s.”

        Then look at what Leap of a Beta said:

        “Also, I have to say, you considering young women into their 20′s to be unable to think and make choices just makes me laugh.”

        YOU defined young women as “early 20s” and Leap of a Beta was only referencing your very own definition.

        You can’t tell the guy to learn to read what someone is saying when he was referencing what YOU said.

        • Why don’t we just waste each other’s time arguing over all this.

          You guys are right. You know everything. You’re both geniuses.

          • I didn’t call you an idiot, so why do you sarcastically call me a genius? I’m just trying to bring clarity to the matter. You’re obviously intelligent, and you’re welcome to discuss your opinion here, but if you’re just going to get upset if someone points out a flaw in your logic, you won’t last long.

      • And just to be clear, adult women are almost exclusively defined by legal standards. I can’t think offhand of any country where the legal standard for adulthood falls higher than 20, and probably not 18.

      • If women are so ‘young’ at the age of 20 that they can’t make serious choices, how did humanity ever crawl out of a cave considering that for all of our history (literally all of it) but the last 50 years women were having and raising children by the age of 20?

        Then, suddenly they become ’empowered’ and people like you try and say they’re too stupid, inexperienced, and blind to the world to make serious choices and decisions for themselves.

        If that’s the case, how do you let them go to college? Thats a far more serious impact than who they’re sleeping with or sharing this information we began this discussion over.

        Why don’t you just lock them up, spoon feed them, and dress them yourself while you’re at it?

        Oh, and I did read your writing. Maybe if you learned to read mine you’d see how I thought yours was, again, much more misogynistic than any male I’ve encountered short of Rush Limbaugh. And atleast they had the excuse of wanting women for sex instead of trying to take away her choices, intelligence, and responsibility just to ‘protect her.’

  6. […] responsibility or I also said it really well over at Aneroid Ocean’s blog in the comments on this post where someone tried to protect girls from the evil men that are taking advantage of information the […]

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