Track Daze

Just a quick post to note how I feel.  In the last week I’ve been working hard to get out in front of this, but it still hit us like a fire drill, no time, and go go go!

What is this you ask?  Why, a track day I say.  My work occasionally provides track support and driver instruction for clients.  Thursday morning I left my house with my overnight bag and helmet packed.  We loaded our trailer with 2 race cars, another 2 in the massive race team transporter (client owned), and a random street trainer car on another client owned open trailer.  I followed the rig driving our company’s current development car (badass street car).  That’s approaching a million dollars of equipment rolling down the road for our private rental of a local race track.  Once at the hotel we caught a few hours sleep, then up, breakfast, and one the road by 7 AM.

Once at the track we unloaded and proceeded to service and provide driver instruction for our client and his friends and his friend’s sons.  With a minimum of staff we pulled off a completely successful event (despite poor preparation on the part of multiple parties (client side, not our company).  Video, photography, company research and development for our own parts, and extremely happy clients all happened without any major trouble despite many possible pitfalls along the way.

I sit here very tired at the office after helping unload our rig and bringing the race cars inside the shop.  I’ve got over 48 hours of sweat, grime, and race fuel on me, but I feel extremely alive and accomplished.  And on top of all that?  I’ve got a female friend and her hot roommates all coming out to drink and dance at the bars by my place.  On top of that?  I’ve got a prepped batch of my strawberry vodka in pitchers in my fridge and they’re coming over.

And you know what’s even cooler?  The client said I could hop in one of his race cars, so I got to drive yet another badass race car all out on the race track for a bunch of laps.

Some days just make you feel very fortunate.

Now I just gotta get home and shower and scrub my sweaty ballsack while drinking a shower beer before the girls come over.

Happy Friday!


~ by aneroidocean on 04/06/2012.

4 Responses to “Track Daze”

  1. i want your job… just for being around cars and race cars and track days….

    • It’s got it’s upsides, definitely. But I doubt you’d want to endure some of it’s downsides. This is why I want to work exclusively for myself. Then I’m beholden to noone and every downside is something I’m reaping every benefit from.

  2. Are you on a path to work for yourself?

    • Not really. Need to get my side businesses fired up and operating. Just hurt my knee pretty good doing something stupid, what better time to sort out the organizational aspect of my life, I suppose.

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