Coachella 2012

I’m at my luxury hotel room finally.  We had 3 in this ultra suite and it’s a damn pretty penny.  Now that I brought someone in to take one of the bedrooms and pay full pop for it, someone else is trying to say that they’re poor and we should all pay less because someone else has one of the bedrooms, as if they would’ve been able to afford it if I hadn’t brought someone else in to alleviate the costs.


I mean, maybe when we were first discussing the rooms, but not after I’ve been the only one proactive enough to try to minimize my cost by bringing in someone else to take one of the expensive bedrooms (the one I’d claimed, not anyone elses).

What the fuck?


Oh well, lots of amazing music, friends, and tits and ass tomorrow.  In between being drunk and/or possible stoned, I may have to try to get some makeout/groping action.  Mmmmmm young girls wearing next to nothing.  Love it.  3 days of it.


~ by aneroidocean on 04/13/2012.

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