Cake – Charge her to the game

Via texts last night:

Cake @ 6PM: “Eyyy so we should definitely bump into each other tonight [out at the local bars].”

AO: “What’s your plan?”

Cake: “Um I think we will be at [my favorite spot] most of the night.”

AO (3 hours later): “Starting when?  I’m finishing up at the gig, heading back but I carpooled.”

AO (about an hour later): “At [my favorite spot].  Tried to find you, no luck. What’s up?”

BACKGROUND: Now, keep in mind that I was coming from a classy event, I had dress shoes, black slacks, and a KILLER tuxedo shirt with bow tie (unclasped and hanging to the side with the collar loose).  My hair was on point, my swagger was easy and unforced, I KNEW I looked good.  Super relaxed and confident.  A little later in the night there were cute girls literally pulling my shirt open more than it was already and feeling my chest.  The reality of the situation is that I was by FAR the best dressed guy there.  Girls were eye fucking me, dudes were jealous, the bartenders were complimenting me, etc…  I’m not saying I was the most attractive guy there to most of the girls, but with the outfit and my relaxed attitude (it was a great gig too, had a nice roll of 20 dollar bills in my pocket) I was definitely in the top 3 on a packed Saturday night.  Back to it:

I went on the dance floor as it’s the last place I hadn’t checked and there she was with a bunch of girlfriends and one dude.  She said hi but didn’t really dance with me much (I thought no biggie, danced with the group of girls, some of which I’d met before).  Then throughout the night I noticed the theme was that she was hanging out with a different guy and dancing with him mostly (some with her friends).

Basically I got ignored.  This is a girl that I’d met up with and been talking to for a bit.  I had hooked up with her some, met through a good friend, and I thought was a quality person.  I was looking forward to meeting up with her, especially since SHE had asked ME to meet up.  And I got ignored.  I actually didn’t really believe it was happening so I kept spending time with some of her friends in between the 2 other groups of friends I had there.

Then it dawned on me.  She is really doing this.  I could not believe she was being that disrespectful.  Changing her mind is one thing, but she had invited me out, the least she could’ve done is gone somewhere else before I showed up or told me she didn’t want to meet up, or shit…anything.

I wingmanned the fuck out of my friend who had a hot ass girl as part of Cake’s group, then left when I got too annoyed at the Cake situation.  Who does that?

My last text to her (feedback welcome, I know it sounds bitter but I had to say what I thought) was this before I deleted her from my phone:

“Thanks for being a piece of shit tonight.  Saved me from having to surmise it later.”

As the AneroidOcean world turns…

Had fun with my homies though, and probably made some inroads with my friend’s girlfriend’s hot friends.  God damn they’re hot.  More to come on that note I hope.


~ by aneroidocean on 04/22/2012.

3 Responses to “Cake – Charge her to the game”

  1. Some chicks are just fucked up. It clearly wasn’t you. The text is a little needy but it doesn’t matter at this point anyway. Charge her and move on.

  2. Maybe you should have told her to come to you?

    • A possibility, but ultimately I got what I wanted out of the situation, to either progress or end it. Not that I necessarily wanted the last one, but there’s really only two good options.

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