Crazy week

Been thinking a lot about posting some more (and finishing some current posts), but analyzing my week, it’s just nuts.  Keep in mind I played a coed volleyball tournament (came out of our pool #1) and then another 7 games of sand volleyball before going to bed Sunday night.

I’ve got the following on my plate right now:

1. Old roommate moved out by Friday.
2. Wood floors going in on Saturday (pulling everything out of my bedroom, arranging someone to be there to supervise, leaving  work a far away gig (for the 13 hours or whatnot it’s gonna take round trip including setup).
3. Handyman refinishing tub and repairing other minor issues.
4. New roommate moved in by end of this weekend (and getting actual real paperwork sorted out and signed).
5. Crazy work week
6. My cousin has been in the ER a big chunk of this week.  I spent most of Monday night with him taking him to appointments after the ER and all of last night taking him to the ER and staying with him.
This week won’t kill me, but I feel like I’m the constant edge of getting sick all week.

~ by aneroidocean on 05/02/2012.

5 Responses to “Crazy week”

  1. Co-ed Volleyball?Are you serious?

    Any HB’s lol?

    I don’t know what it is,but I’m subscribed to your blog to get updates of new posts.But your last 3 or so,doesn’t seem like I got them.IDK,must be a WP glitch.

    • That’s weird about the posts not showing up.

      There are definitely some hot girls in the group I play with, but there are definitely some that are bigger/uglier. I usually try to find the right mix between hot partner and good partner. It’s not that fun when you’re as competitive as I am to have a super hot partner with no skills.

      There’s definitely a lot of awesome in having a hot partner or other hot girls watching on the side of the court. It’s also good to invite girls I’m dating down to watch me play with attractive girls. Gives them the clear idea that I am used to attractive women and that they have competition (even if it’s just girls that are friends that I’m playing with.

      • That’s good game when it comes to other girls seeing you playing with other hot girls.It’s a pre-selection switch right there.Plus it signals that you’re a prize.

        You should know about pre-selection theory in pick up right?

        • Yeah, I understand it. Even for girls that are married or are not interested in you as anything other than friends, it’s amazing how much more open and excited to see you they are if you’re highly pre-selected.

  2. […] feel the urge to write this week, but it’s only slightly less crazy than last week, so the writing will have to come later.  I have a cashier’s check from my new roommate, […]

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