First girlfriend ever

So I message my first gf on Facebook because she does wedding photography and my friend is getting married in Vegas with a small group of close family/friends.  Her response:


“Hey! Thanks for the referral! I will definitely shoot her an email 

Still playing vball I see… I haven’t played in years!!”


What does everyone think?  Is this an opening to talk to her?  Do I want to get back with her?  Not really.  Would I fuck her again just to see what’s what?  Probably.  If she got the gig and were in Vegas, hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Or something.  Maybe I’m just reaching.  I do have a badass picture of myself jump-serving the fuck out of a ball as my profile picture.


Remember, I did lots with her, but never stuck it in her.  I always thought it’d be nice to know what that was like.


Oh, she’s engaged now apparently.


~ by aneroidocean on 05/04/2012.

8 Responses to “First girlfriend ever”

  1. Nah bro.I doubt this is a genuine SOI(sign of interest)on her part.I believe she’s just being polite.

    • BTW,how come you never banged her prior?That was in your AFC days I’m figuring?

      BTW,I’d totally try banging her this time around.Gauge her level of interest some more(to see if it’s genuine).

      • I think I’d try something if she comes out to Vegas and she’s flirting with me, but I think that ship sailed long ago. Yes, it was in my AFC days. She and I both thought we should wait because we weren’t sure we were ready for “that” yet. Of course, she gave me more blow jobs than any other girl I’ve dated and I went to town on her (she tasted like fucking strawberries, it was awesome), so looking back now I’m not sure how that makes sense. Hell, she even let me put a condom on and mock fuck her between her legs/against her clit and I still didn’t do anything. That was my bad for not pushing it. Oh well, live and learn. She ended up losing her virginity to some manic depressive jackass when she broke up with me before going to college. I went total beta on her when she broke up with me. Fucked that shit right up!

        • Lmao shit happens to all of us.

          I remember a time or two that I actually had the head in the pussy,but failed to get it right in,and LMR totally ruined it.And that was about 2 years after learning Game.So I could imagine that happening to a total AFC Beta male as you were with this chic.

          And what you mean you went Beta after she left?You became needy I’m figuring?

          • Dude, I visited her at her college right after she moved into the dorms (at least an hour drive away) and ended up walking in a rose garden with her, sitting in a gazebo and bawling my eyes out.

            You learn the most through your worst fuck ups!

            You actually had your head in and didn’t follow through? Damn dude, thanks I feel better. Hahaha.

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  3. I agree with that. You learn from your mistakes, and also gain confidence from each try whether you succeed or fail, it all gives you more experience and just like a pre rehearsal for a theatre, once you’ve done it once the second time around is much easier.

    • I agree with what you’re saying except that it’s up to you whether you gain confidence or gain anything from a failure. It’s too easy to look at a failure as a negative thing as opposed to the opportunity to learn, to gain experience, to change your approach in order to ultimately have the success you seek. How you look at failure is what can change your life.

      Thanks for commenting.

      As an update to this situation, she never booked the gig (probably because my friends had someone else who offered to do it cheaper). I went to this wedding 2-3 months ago, had a great time hanging out with old friends, hung out at an AWESOME strip club and shot the shit with some hot chicks who understood they weren’t going to make money from me (I sent them away to go make money from dudes). Didn’t have any success with girls at the minimal club time we got, but I had a phenomenally good time that weekend and am looking forward to my next trip to Vegas.

      The first girlfriend is still good looking and will remain so due to her Japanese ancestry, but is dating a pretty beta dude after dating a bipolar fuck up in college (after dating me). She’s not in my area anymore (a decent drive south) and she doesn’t really seem like she’s active in sports at all anymore, which is one of the things that attracted me to her. Like Olivia Munn, she’s attractive to lots of beta nerds, but doesn’t hold anywhere near as much interest to me anymore. I will always fondly remember our relationship, even though I definitely could have enjoyed it more had I known even an iota of what I know now (and I’m no expert now). If I ever run into her again I’d still have to flirt the fuck out of her and see if I could manage to stir her hypergamy, or at least put her hamster wheel a spinning.

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