What RooshV says in this post is absolutely the truth.  If you have someone that is like minded and can actually help you, by all means spend time talking to them and getting insight on how to better accomplish your goals, but otherwise time taken talking about your goals would be better spent working on making them a reality.  I’ve found this personally to be true, that the more I talk about a goal (in general), the less likely I am to accomplish it.  I really like this commentary from a RooshV reader:


“This post strikes a deep chord in me, Roosh.

Last year, I was a classic AFC. I was the poster boy for what Dr. Glover calls Nice Guy Syndrome.

As a result, I was going down an all-too familiar road with my wife of 10+ years.

My degenerating marriage began with my (unreasonable) expectation that my wife support me in a career change. I never got it.

I had supported her career change, and her new creative career with everything I could offer, and it worked. But once she was over the wall, she never reached back to pull me up.

My resentment grew from there. I blamed her for not helping me. For the nay-saying. For the times I’d tell her about a new idea I had or some new, exciting thing I wanted to do, and her response was a long silence or a change of subject.

Instead of just doing it for myself, I was supplicating more and more, qualifying myself to her, wanting her approval and support more and more, and getting less and less.

My resentment grew. I withdrew emotionally. I became sedentary, fat, self-absorbed and depressed. Sex dwindled to near zero.

She met a happy-go-lucky, sporty guy, in his 40s, no kids, never married, who spoke a couple of languages and traveled the world all the time. He had all kinds of money and time and a positive, fun attitude, largely because he never married and had kids. He’d sacrificed nothing for anyone. He lived for himself.

My wife was seeing him for coffee, meeting up with him in groups at bars, and 3 months later was one phone call away from dumping me and fucking him.

Thanks to Game, I figured out how to deal with the situation. I manned-up, cockblocked the shit out of him, and turned the thing around, but not after enduring an unbelievable amount of emotional pain, which I would rate as second only to the death of my first son.

It all begins with being responsible for achieving your own goals. It all begins with knowing that YOU are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in your life, all the good things and all the bad things. You are the boss. Blame no one. Rely on no one.

By all means, work with the right people to achieve your goals. Cooperate with other like-minded people for mutual exchange and mutual benefit.

But accept one basic idea, deep into your consciousness, that no one is responsible for your own well-being and happiness other than you.

Especially not a woman.”

~ by aneroidocean on 05/04/2012.

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