Sleep deprivation

Last night I moved my old roommate out and into the same U-Haul that we unloaded of my new roommate’s stuff.  Got about 3 hours sleep, then moved all of the stuff out of the bedrooms into the living room/kitchen (stuff packed to the ceilings)!  Worker arrived to rip up all the carpet and shitty tile underneath that to put in wood (laminate) flooring throughout the bedrooms/hallway.   I hustled all day arranging yet another handyman to fix other shit, now I’m headed out to the buttfuck egypt desert middle of nowhere for a pretty good work gig for Cinco De Mayo while my friend watches the workers and I work until 12:30 AM then drive the gig equipment all the way back home.  No play for this hustler.


Oh, but I did skateboard down to the beach and stepped into a running volleyball game for my new roommate that they were losing.  Turned it around (no warmup, not hardly any food in me) and eeked out a win before skateboarding full speed home to shower and jet.


No rest for the weary.  Not until Sunday, the day of rest.


Stay up (seemed appropriate, shout out to Danny!)


~ by aneroidocean on 05/05/2012.

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