Slightly Less Crazy Week

I feel the urge to write this week, but it’s only slightly less crazy than last week, so the writing will have to come later.  I have a cashier’s check from my new roommate, wood floors in my place, and my bed in my bedroom that I actually slept on last night.  Almost slept through my alarm, and had the pleasure of a hot female volleyball player happen to walk by as I stumbled out my door.  She asked me if I was alright and I finally got some words out about my week and how I was gonna be late to work but it was nice to see her (and gave her a nice squeeze).

God I want to fuck that girl.  I think it’s a benefit that I saw her alone and chatted with her but needed to run.  All day down by the beach she’ll remember that she  started the day off pleasantly surprised that I was walking out my beach house door as she walked by on the way to the courts.  I feel like either she is totally not into me and I’m making things up in my head, or the short time she’s known me she’s secretly been checking me out and wanting me because her good friend/roommate is close to me.  One night out with her and her group and I bet I could make something happen.

Motivation for the week.


~ by aneroidocean on 05/08/2012.

3 Responses to “Slightly Less Crazy Week”

  1. Lol seems like you have a new prospect with this chic.

    Where does she rate on the HB scale?

    • Great body, just enough booty, killer smile, pretty face but with a bigger nose than I’d prefer. This girl is from the Pacific Northwest so she’s kind of quiet, haven’t really figured her out yet. Very quality girl either way.

      I suppose that makes her an 8?

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