Maria moved into my neighborhood

So this is a tricky situation, because I’ve not discussed exclusivity really at all with either Maria or Rose.  I’ve had some leads, but nothing really solid.  So far it’s been a couple of weeks, and nothing bad has happened, but I just get the feeling that something will.  As she gets to know more and more people at the local stores/restaurants/bars, there will be more and more likelihood that either her or someone she knows will spot me out with Rose or another girl.


What to do, what to do.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to cut it off with Maria.  As summer approaches that’s just going to mean her going out more and more (same with me) and that’s just going to push the odds even more out of my favor.


Dammit, I was hoping to add a third to the rotation, not lose one!  At the same time, summer is coming up, so I should have even more opportunity.


Another thing looming is that I have a new roommate now who is pretty conservative (doesn’t drink because his family are raging alcoholics) and goes to church.  I think it’ll be interesting when he meets multiple girls I’m dating and then overhears me fucking them.


Should be an interesting summer.


~ by aneroidocean on 05/10/2012.

7 Responses to “Maria moved into my neighborhood”

  1. Haha. Your life sounds similar to mine. Just got done with three crazy weeks and the girl I was posting about on my forum moved in a mile away from me. This despite me refusing to give her any advice on where she should move to in Chicago, helping her move, or any verbal indication I would commit to her in any way.

    I’m hoping it doesn’t ruin my chances of getting a rotation going. Ugh.

    Good luck with your rotation. I bet there will be some laughing on your part if your roomie ever brings up the women you’re bringing home. Hopefully he won’t blow it for you infront of one of them.

    • Thanks. Well, I think he’s smart enough socially to not do that, but I don’t know how kindly he’ll take to the rotating women thing. Hopefully he’s going to let me do my thing just as I let him do his. He’s actually pretty social it seems like, just really goody goody. Which is fine, I need to party a little less and focus more anyway.

      • Sounds like a plan to me. I’d just recommend not letting him get to be friends with them. I’ve known a couple of those nice guys that wouldn’t have talked about it but then did after they became friends. Good old ‘protector instinct’ kicked in. Worst of which was my brother, though thankfully not on me.

  2. Haha her seeing you out talking to another girl could make for a good story at least.

    Shit, I’d keep her around for as long as you can. Why not? Funny bar drama just makes the stories better and makes life more interesting.

    • True, but I’m not sure if I’m really into drama that much. I just kind of prefer to stay low key and keep people guessing. When I was hanging out with the MILF she stated on more than one occasion that I was sort of an enigma because I wasn’t really associated with any one girl and that there didn’t seem to be any reason that I wasn’t, so it was even more interesting/confusing for the girls.

      I rather liked it.

      • Yeah that’s good, too. Different style, good results no matter.

        After college, it was nice to regain some anonymity and mystery after a semester where half the chicks on campus seemed to know what I was doing at all times. Funny enough, you’d be surprised how even then they’re willing to be juggled as long as you’re not too overt about it.

        • Yeah, you can’t be insulting/mean with the whole multiple girl thing. I missed out on the entire college social experience, though (hell, and pretty much high school social experience before that) so I’m still learning how to calibrate.

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