Saturday Night – Part Deux

Okay, so I texted with a friend who wanted me to wingman him and vice versa.  Good looking guy, approaches well, but by the end of the night the script had flipped and I was approaching mostly.  Successfully pulled him away from a bar that had started to become shitty and towards my favorite bar where I get the hookups.  Ended up spending a bunch of the night there wingmanning him like a pro and even buying the two girls he was talking to drinks because they were cool, and then somehow he lost it.  I went back in as the girl he’d been talking to was way hot and ended up with her number (under a side premise) and then ran into my friends who apparently know her and the guy she’s dating (also at the bar).  Told the female friend that the hot chick can do better with me and that she should.  We’ll see if anything comes of it.  The dude she was with didn’t know how to dress and looked like shit compared to her, she even stated that he was on the way out, and kept eye fucking me.  God, hot girls are just waiting to be entertained more than their shitty lives have afforded them.
After that I was on a tear, opening two sets of really hot girls and having things go swimmingly despite my fear that they would bomb.


Obviously this bar gives me WAY too good of drinks as it’s difficult to formulate coherent sentences now, but either way, I don’t regret going out tired as fuck to hang out with my friend, even though I missed the entire b-day party celebration I was supposed to be going out for in the first place.


Got to hang out in the bar past closing and get free shots from the bartender I know too.


Happy Mother’s Day!  Thankfully I get to sleep in before hanging with moms.


~ by aneroidocean on 05/13/2012.

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