I’ve commented on this on various journals and clarified in comments to my own posts what my preferences are for anonymity.  To my close friends that I trust, I have no problem sharing or talking to them about the details of my relationships with women and my life in general.  However, to do this online, where nearly anyone can see or read them is VERY risky.

Why is that? Because “Loose Lips Sink Ships.

Need evidence?  Look no further than Roosh:

As much as I’d like to be completely candid by sharing pictures and additional details to my posts, I won’t.  I’d rather spend time searching out something similar in a publicly available picture or try to get my point across without details that would take away my anonymity.

I applaud those that do, as it makes their posts more interesting and adds a level of depth that I’ll never be able to provide, but it’s too risky of a proposition for my personal and business life.  Many posters before me have found out the reasons that anonymity is crucial, I choose to learn from their mistakes instead of making the same ones myself.


~ by aneroidocean on 05/23/2012.

4 Responses to “Anonymity”

  1. Man I have been wrestling with this for the longest time. One day I will, the next day I won’t. It’s a tough thing. I still don’t know what to do.

    • Well, you pretty much only get one chance at anonymity, so I would be very serious about keeping it unless you have a reason so compelling that it would be life-changing, because losing your anonymity with such a topic could absolutely be life changing.

  2. Have people been requesting that you show pictures?

    I’ve thought about showing one picture, but I’ve got marks on my body that make me too recognizable in my opinion. I don’t even give away information such as hopes and dreams (except for game related ones) in fear of someone recognizing me.

    • I have received a couple mentions. I used to be on a chat channel that was about meeting women, and that was nice because I could share with a couple guys I knew that had become friends (actually met up with them and hung out). It’s definitely something you can’t go back on.

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