VK is on point as usual with his recent post where he talks a lot about practice versus theory.  While theory is important, a little bit of theory and a lot of practice will get you a LOT farther than a lot of theory and a little bit of practice.  I’ve run into this quite a bit at my various jobs, where the customers as well as the employees that focus strongly on theory, while often bright (engineers, etc…), they just don’t “get it.”

“Some people get into relationships and haven’t really been aggressively approaching anything fresh, ask them where the new hot spot all the ladies have started visiting they can’t tell you cause they aint been there.”

Yeah, that’s been me as of late.  I’ve been dating Maria and Rose for so long that I’ve become too comfortable.  I’m busy, but I’m not too busy to be approaching when I do go out, getting my ass up early and hitting the gym like I should be.  It’s summer and I’m living at the beach, there’s really nowhere to go but up at this point.  Even if Rose and Maria are good, my ideal is to be dating at least 3 women and working on leads.  If any of these dry up, I’m going to be fucked (or rather, not fucked).  So here goes, back into the fray, practice practice practice.  Expect to see more stories and failures.

Failure is just practice for success.


~ by aneroidocean on 06/13/2012.

3 Responses to “Stag-nating”

  1. Yea I feel you.

    If the vibes do fizzles out with Maria and Rose,you’ll be left to scramble opposed to if you had another in the pipeline.

  2. Hey… not all engineers are the same ya know

  3. Failure is just practice for success – I’m stealing that line.

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