Little Bit of Progress

Played a volleyball tournament today (coed 4s).   Really good competition, but my team wasn’t synching.  We had a lot of fun but didn’t make it out of pool play.  Then I played some guys only 4s and was CRUSHING IT.  It’s always fun to be part of a game with 6’6″ and above badass players and be holding your own or a large part of winning.
Anyway, so we went to a friend’s bday party afterwards, conservative group, but many of my vball friends and a mini-playboy style grotto pool/hot tub so it was a fun time.  Gave 2 killer massages to some of the more attractive/athletic girls in the group.  Then afterwards the group I’d driven with all wanted to go home, even thought the plan all along had been to go out.

Went out, my friend had a lame group so I left after kicking their asses at pool (not hard on a bar-size table) and joined a couple other guy friends.  Both good looking, one has trouble with his game a decent amount even though he has the looks to pull any day of the week.  My other friend was more interested in drinking even though there was some decent talent.  I ended up with a recent UCLA graduate with a SKINTIGHT purple-ish dress talking to me, asking me what I was doing later.  I told her, “probably going home” and she STILL was talking to me.

Needless to say I was too retarded (especially having drank too much) to realize she was definitely into me, and I killed the conversation enough that she got up with her friend and ended up leaving.

But, I got off my ass and went and talked to some girls and hung out with a lot of good friends.

Also, I’m pretty sure I picked up a massage client, plus some hot female friends that were amazed at my hands (massage-wise).

There’s something about massaging a very hot woman and having her be putty in your capable hands that is rewarding.  Sure, I’d rather get a women naked and satisfy us both sexually, but even knowing that you can more than please a woman just touching her with your hands, especially while more are around at a big party, is pretty damn relaxing and nice.  When one of them offers to pay for your services, that’s kinda nice too.

Buenas noches.


~ by aneroidocean on 06/17/2012.

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