Frailty – Part 2

Positivity will have to be my theme this year.

MRI results are in.

Good news: MCL tear isn’t that bad (essentially confirming that part of the initial diagnosis.

Bad news: Bucket tear in the Meniscus, torn piece appears to be wedged sideways/flipped.  ACL is also torn.  If I want to play sports/do serious exercise I’ll need surgery to fully assess my meniscus (and either cut the torn piece out which brings on arthritis possibility or repair it if it’s repairable), as well as look at the ACL more closely to see if it will need repair or not.  If I have surgery, I’m looking at minimum 6 months recovery, approaching 5 figures cash outlay (with a hookup) not including rehab.

Positivity = I have a chance that with a loan or a lot of help I can get through surgery and rehab.  I’ll have a pretty rough year, but with some luck I’ll be able to play sports again (albeit likely with a brace) sometime in 2013 and I’ll have a lot of time at home to get my shit in order.

Still want to punch a wall, but I’m sure that’ll go away with time.


~ by aneroidocean on 07/03/2012.

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