Assanova covered the topic of alcohol in general and it’s negative effects before he took his website offline.  Some other wise people have realized the same.  Myself, I think that there’s positives and negatives to every situation (including drinking) that you have to weigh for yourself.

Post inspired by Blaze’s recent post on the subject.

However, if you’re going to drink (in general but ESPECIALLY if you’re going to be driving at some point afterwards), I highly recommend buying one of these.  I had this particular model and it’s awesome because it doesn’t require mouthpieces and it gets very consistent results if you follow the rules for testing.


Until you’ve actually drank beer for beer with someone else and then tested yourselves to see the difference in BAC from factors such as body weight, you won’t ever really understand how BAC relates to your function or your ability to drive after “x” amount of drinks.

I’ve saved many friends from driving when more intoxicated than they “thought” and I’ve also had friends ignore my warnings and end up with a DWI.  They are expensive, you risk your life and the life of others, and it can be hugely costly in terms of friends/work/family.


~ by aneroidocean on 07/05/2012.

4 Responses to “DUI/DWI”

  1. Thanks for recommending that device. Like everyone else, a lot of my friends drink, but don’t realize when they have had too much.

    One of these devices should be at every party, near the door.

    • You’re welcome. However, people need to REALLY read about how alcohol enters the bloodstream and ALL the factors involved. Putting one of these at the exit to every party wouldn’t really be effective. In order for you to have any hope of getting an accurate reading, you have to wait something like 15-20 minutes from the last time you ate or drank anything (even non-alcoholic) before testing yourself, and your BAC at that time could go up if you drank a bunch before waiting to test yourself.

  2. Thanks for the mini case study there. I’ve been looking for a personal breathalyzer but can’t decide between one of BACtrack’s or Alcohoot (http://alcohoot.com). Have you gotten a chance to try it out?

    It’s a little more expensive than some BACtrack models, but the app looks really useful.

    • Myself I am very wary of tracking stuff like that on your smartphone. What if the data were to be used against you in a court of law? I’d rather never collect persistent data on my BAC.

      The number one feature I appreciated was my model’s lack of need for replacement mouthpieces. Why in the world would I want to hassle with buying more mouthpieces or cleaning them? You want it simple, accurate, and easy to carry around (mouthpieces hamper this too).

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