Does anyone know where Rivelino went?

Anyone?  Bueller?  I rather enjoyed his posts.


~ by aneroidocean on 07/24/2012.

4 Responses to “Does anyone know where Rivelino went?”

  1. He got found out by an ex or someone again I believe.

    I don’t use twitter, but I know he largely switched to twitter instead of blogs. I’d check that

  2. yes, i know where he went. no, i can’t say. but he’s fine.

  3. hey thanks guys. danny! i miss you dude. gotta check out your blog. yeah i had a minor security issue, now just started blogging again, more raw, more mundane, more personal, less afraid, more afraid, something. less for others, more for me. i still have a lot of fears, and a lot of insecurities, and i need to explore them at a deeper level. i was really getting upset at myself that two years later, i still suck in so many ways, that i was kinda hiding stuff. well no more hiding.

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