Find your sweet spots – the places you feel like a king.

Find your sweet spots – the places you feel like a king..


Another great post from Leap of  a Beta.  I was going to save this post for later, but since it fits so well with his topic I’ll just post it now:

I went to meet up with a friend of mine, we’ll call him the MexiCAN. He’s a naturally relaxed guy with great social skills and a penchant for volleyball, beer, and having a good time, while still maintaining a solid work ethic.  Oh, did I mention he enjoys the company of females?  Well, he does.

The other night I decided to meet up with him as he was already out at his favorite local bar (think 1 bartender/server at a bar with 5 stools and a random assortment of tables, only 4 beers on tap, you’d probably walk by it on the way to another bar and not think anything of it).  I hobble over with my right leg in an immobilizer brace (due to a recent knee injury that will require surgery) and find him posted up on the corner stool drinking a 24oz beer out of a huge glass.

I come in and the MexiCAN greets me and I order the same beer he’s having, ignoring the drinks sitting there in front of the stool next to him, figuring I’ll stand for a while but am immediately offered the stool by the other patron as he returns to the bar.  Now, my being on crutches I know made this go much more smoothly, but I’m sure my assumption of sitting next to my friend the super regular would’ve netted me the seat, or at least a seat at the bar as the people there are very friendly.

We leave said bar pretty quickly to make the taco buffet at the next place over (huge in comparison, but the same owner and some shared bartenders).  The MexiCAN is good here too as we proceed to grab a 2-seater quarter circle booth with a view of the entire bar and also in a very high traffic area.  We flirt with the waitresses and one in particular that the MexiCAN had asked out (she hadn’t answered his question).

At some point in the banter, the MexiCAN point blank tells her that she never answered his question.  She demures and says that she just got out of a 3 year relationship and was really not over it yet which is why she didn’t know what to say.  She’s been having a rough time of it otherwise, so like the actually genuinely nice guy that the MexiCAN is, he makes her feel a little better and tells her to take care.  Funnily enough, one of the other waitresses was all about saying that they all knew who the MexiCAN’s favorite girl was.  We kill another 24 ounce beer with our massive taco feast, I pick up the tab (always a good move when you’re at the bar where your friend is IN), and we leave, intending to find another good bar/beer or just call it a night.  Tonight was for catching up, not necessarily catching tail.

As we wander past the trashiest, most claustrophobic bar on the strip, we pause to say hi to and trade some words with one of the bouncers who is hilarious looking in his nerd suspender/taped glasses (it’s a themed night tonight at Slutties).  The Slutties bouncer is also the longtime boyfriend of one of the cooler bartenders from the previous bar so he talks to us more intimately with even a regular at Slutties.  For some reason he wants us to go in.  Usually the MexiCAN and I avoid this place like the plague, because while there often times are hot girls, the sheer amount of douche-baggery that goes on in the place, coupled with the extreme sardine-can layout, and the unfriendly bartenders (unless you’re in the industry) make for annoyance and frustration.

The Slutties bouncer continues to try to get us to go in, eventually forcing our hand by putting another bouncer in charge of the line and yelling back at us while shoving through the crowd, “Come on, I’ll buy you both a beer.”  A cold, free beer is currency that the MexiCAN and I just cannot resist, so we look at each other, shrug/smirk, and head after the Slutties bouncer.

Once inside, we’re reminded of why we rarely venture inside this place (I remarked it had probably been months and months), but we overlooked it all as the large bouncer shoved himself behind the tight bar and filled two gigantic cups of draft beer to the very top, then shoved himself back our way, handing them to us and then heding straight back to the line before we could get “Thanks!” all the way out of our mouths.

Not wanting to be in the employee entryway to the bar, I backed up a little towards the entrance and found a couple spots standing right next to the area where girls tend to dance (I’d call it a dance floor, but by equal size-rights, my bathroom would be a dance floor), but kind of leaned back against the area that’s normally a chips/salsa bar during the day.  This was a prime spot, maybe not for meeting ladies, but for being out of the horrible sardine-can effect and for having a nice view of any talent coming in or out while drinking our HUGE free beers.  We chatted as much as possible within the loud dance music atmosphere and smirked our asses off at the awesome huge beer that we were honestly having trouble finishing after our huge meal and previous beers.

Still, a free beer cannot be left behind, so we soldiered on, people watching and having a good laugh.  We had been talking and laughing about how we were not attracted to the blonde bimbo trashies that would occasionally dance in the area in front of us but how we both likes more the brunettes dancing more classily in the corner, when out of nowhere, one of the blondes in front of us comes up to both of us, sticking her swaying body right in the middle and stating, “I saw you looking!” and then looking at both of us for a reponse.  I couldn’t tell which one of us she was asking, and we were just completely dumbfounded as we hadn’t even been close to looking at her or her friends.  We just kind of laughed and smiled which seemed to confuse her even more as her hamster started to go into overdrive…out came:


She wobbled to and fro another moment in her drunken state, then after realizing that neither of us were in the least bit interested in her, she turned and hurried back to her friends.  The MexiCAN and I burst into uncontrollable laughter over and over at that the rest of the time it took to drink our beer and then we escaped Slutties for our respective homes.

Good spot, huge free beers, completely relaxed attitude, girl that all the other guys were salivating over practically begging for one of us to be interested in her.  We felt like kings.  Beer me!


~ by aneroidocean on 07/24/2012.

3 Responses to “Find your sweet spots – the places you feel like a king.”

  1. Thanks for the link man!

    Yeah, sounds like a good spot. More than anything I like those spots because, even if you don’t bag bangs, make outs, numbers, or anything…. You have a presence people notice and bend towards. You guarantee that anyone that interacts with you will do or say something interesting, because you’re showing that being interesting is the minimum requirement you hold, and that if they expect to stay they need to be both interesting and quality.

    Makes for good stories. Haha, I forgot on the original post that I also got a free drink out of mine. One of the tool men bought shots for people. His own party turned down the free booze, but me and the two girls not involved with them took him up on it and promptly ignored him the rest of the night besides making fun of him.

  2. […] brought up a really good point on a response to my post here on his blog. I enjoyed it and he adds depth that I didn’t touch […]

  3. FYI – I edited my post and linked back to you here because of the great insight you offered.

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