Girls of the Past – Belle

I really introduced this girl back in the Weird Girls post, but here’s a little more about how we met.

A friend who was decent with girls in college (had a hot ass girlfriend anyway as a short ass girlfriend

I mean, some of it was really cool, some of it was a little frustrating. Really cool girl, though. If only she hadn’t smoked and been just a little too emotionally immature. I bet most guys would’ve called her an 8 or maybe better.  This girl was half filipino and half white, tall, model-like body except with some nice hips/ass.  When I met her I thought she was almost out of my league and that she wasn’t interested in me at all (it turned out our mutual friend was way into me and that’s why Belle was reserved around me).  The story goes like:

I was sitting at my desk in the living room sometime in 2007, waiting for friends to come over and checking out Facebook with the front door open, when up walked my friend’s friend.  We’ll call her SquintyPants, because she’s asian and smart as a whip.  SquintyPants was very cute and in shape, but unfortunately, no ass,  just not my style at all.  Luckily, behind her was Belle.  I’d seen her picture on Facebook and thought she was really hot.  Half filipino, half white, beautiful, tall, round ass, yet thin/in shape, incredible smile, etc…

Like this:


I was happy to see two cute girls roll up as I’d only just started becoming more social and having more get togethers/pre-parties at my beach house, and pretty ecstatic to see Belle.  I played it cool, though, since I didn’t want to give it away, and because I was too damn distracted by SquintyPants flirting and bantering with me.  They were fairly close friends, so I figured I didn’t have much of a chance anyway since SquintyPants was obviously into me.  I ended up entertaining them and setting them up with wireless controllers hooked up to an NES emulator on my huge HDTV.  I didn’t take Belle to be the nerdy type, but they were both absolutely loving playing their favorite NES games.  As more people arrived, I ended up talking to everyone, but only a little bit here and there with Belle.  We all went out drinking and had a good time, but most any interaction with Belle was dominated by SquintyPants, so I just had a good time and assumed I had no chance with Belle.

Time passed and SquintyPants came to the realization after I talked to her that I really wasn’t into her.  I was flattered, but she wasn’t really my type.  I knew this bummed her out quite a bit, but I wasn’t about to try to hookup with my friend’s friend just for the sake of trying to hook up, especially when I knew she wanted much more, being very conservative.  I didn’t think much of it, but I did truly appreciate that I had a girl pining after me so hard who lots of my friends thought was a great catch.  I had become more confident, but I STILL didn’t think that a girl like Belle would be into me.

Round comes 4th of July.  My place is about as close to the route of the very popular local 4th of July Parade as you can get.  It’s also within sight of the ocean, the sand, and the local pier.  When it comes to good location, my place has it.  I had started having a yearly party on the 4th that lasts all day long.  From the morning and the parade, to the afternoon BBQ’ing, to  the party taking a trip down to the beach for a few hours, to more BBQ’ing back at the house and constant drinking throughout, ending the night in a huge fireworks show that displays directly above my front patio.  My place is THE place to be for the 4th.  Besides, parking is a total bitch and I don’t want to drive anywhere.

I’d invited SquintyPants, Belle, and their other very social/cute friend to my party and lo and behold they were the first ones to show up while I was munching on my cereal, having just got up to get ready to watch the parade.  Them showing up so early took me completely by surprise, but I decided I’d take the lead and make them grab folding chairs so we could take a little adventure.  I then had them follow me as I snuck onto the property next to me. A framed 3-story house that was in the process of being built, the third floor on this house had an uninterrupted view of the parade path, and the beach and pier down below it.  We drank our cocktails up there and watched the parade like kings and queens.   The girls loved the adventure and I did something REALLY smart that was just kind of selfish.  I wanted pictures of these girls hanging with me and at my party (along with the rest of my party), so I took my camera with me and the girls ate it up, taking it to take pictures with themselves and of me and my roommate with them.  We even took completely dorky fake pictures of each person sitting at the desk looking intensely/crazily at Facebook.

It was stupid.  It was fun, it was stupid fun.  As the day continued, my roommate and I impressed them and the rest of our guests with our shade setup (we had probably 6 umbrellas setup like a forest), our BBQ/food skills, my good friend’s bartending skills (the bartender at his dorm room, the cocktails at my party were off the fucking hook), and our badass sound system/tunes.  I still didn’t get that much 1 on 1 time with Belle throughout the day, but I came up with a plan.  Since she seemed so up for dorky/childlike fun, I gave her a little whispered “come with me” and she followed me as I revealed one of the most fun things ever.  Water balloons.  I showed her how to use my hose with an adapter to fill up water balloons so we could go gang up on our friends and the neighbor’s kids.  We filled balloon after balloon and then she squealed with glee as we pelted people and were pelted back, sneaking up on people and popping them over their heads to laughter from everyone.  The day was a success and I ended up with her phone number.

Another day, I invited her out under the pretense of pre-partying/going out to the bars with a big group of my friends.  I wasn’t sure if she’d show, but she eventually did and the whole group had a fun night where we wandered around to various bars and I was able to use my knowledge of the bars and my hookups to get people into bars and served much faster.  The party continued at my place afterwards, but most people had sobered up or got rides home.  We weren’t alone, but I really felt like taking a walk (the coast can be just gorgeous at night).  Of course, I wanted her 1 on 1 company too, so I nutted up and told her I was going for a walk, but that she should join me.

She did.  We walked down the sidewalk to the intersection (beach on the other side) and it was empty.  Not just empty, but DESERTED.  I couldn’t see a person or a car or any sign of life anywhere.  I started crossing the street and she acted like we should wait and I said, “Why, there’s no cars anywhere!  Look.”  She looked and realized that there was nobody coming even though our crossing had a red light.  We stepped into the crosswalk and started walking across it.  We walked down to the sand and took our shoes off, leaving them behind in favor of the feeling of sand running through our toes.  We walked, talked, and enjoyed the beauty of the pulsing ocean as the waves crashed and the moonlight shone bright.  We were all smiles and laughter.  Then, on the way back to the walkway, I knew I had to make a move, I had to see if I could kiss her.  I had taken her hand and she hadn’t rebuffed it, so I pulled her behind some construction equipment that was on the sand for an event, spun her around to face me, and brought our faces together for a kiss.  A kiss under the night sky, with the waves crashing, with the sand beneath our toes and the moon above our heads.  It was near perfect.

I felt amazing.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  She was into it.  She was all giggles and just lit up like a christmas tree in times square.  After some great making out, we walked hand in hand back to our shoes, towards my house.  The crosswalk this time again shone a red light, again was deserted.  The mixture of light from the moon, the stoplights, and the street lights made the crosswalk’s thick white lines shine brilliantly, and even the black asphalt had a glow.  I stopped in the middle of the street, pulling her back.  I stood there and told her, “wait, let’s lay down” and she thought I was crazy.  I convinced her, told her that nobody was coming for miles, and she laid down with me.  We held hands breathing heavy with nervousness, even though we both knew the light could change and nobody would be driving our way.  Safe, but still dangerous feeling.  It was, a moment our own.

Later on I heard there was a scene like this in some chick-flick movie I’d never seen.

She never forgot that moment and it made her fall hard for me.  This girl I’d never thought I had much of a chance with was now infatuated with me.  Or at least, that’s what I would come to realize.


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2 Responses to “Girls of the Past – Belle”

  1. wow, cupcaking much? haha Nah, the vibe did sound mackish though. How does this one end?

    • Haha, this is 5 years ago keep in mind. It turned out with me dating her as well as my ex and another girl all at the same time. It ended when she assumed I was dating just her exclusively but finally asked me point blank and I told her that no, we weren’t dating exclusively. This prompted a pretty decent meltdown from her, I attempted to continue dating her, but it was just a countdown at that point for her leaving. I let it go as I cared for her and really had a phenomenal time with her, but had come to know her well enough to realize that it probably wasn’t going to work out.

      Since then she’s had a few different relationships and has now moved out of state, has two dogs and is engaged and preggo with some goofy looking engineer dude’s offspring. I hope that means she’s found her happiness, because she was genuinely a really nice girl and down to earth. She was just a bit immature in a lot of ways for me. I had many great times with her and chalk her up to a great dating situation of the past to learn from.

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