What is Sex with a Tranny Like?

Well, I guess Danger & Play doesn’t check his spam or for some reason didn’t like something in my comment (tried it twice), so I’ll make my comment here in response to his frank recollection from one of his readers:

This reminds me of the story Tucker Max put on his page which I can only assume is truth (or at least an entertaining embellishment based on a true story):


The first part is not exactly related, but if you read until the very end you get a quite disturbing insight into how it’s VERY possible for a man to sleep with a post-op tranny and not really be fully aware of it. I actually have a good acquaintance/light friend who I think is a post-op tranny. I’ve always sensed there was “something off” about her, and after reading that Tucker Max post, I thought of her immediately. Thankfully I force myself to be a little MORE picky when drunk (due to knowing how low standards can get for a horny guy) so I’ve never had to find out.

I hope I’m not shooting anyone’s puppy, but be careful out there guys. And if you like post-op trannies, more power to you, less of them for me to have to screen for. It’s odd to me that supposedly heterosexual men are the biggest market for the whole chicks with dicks pornography, but to each their own.

Danger & Play

[UPDATE: LOL, guys, this is not my story. It’s from a reader – hence the use of quotation marks.]


“This was awhile go, I went out with a friend to meet up with a girl he knew who was going out for her bday, since she had a table and bottle service at some nicer club. Me and my friend got pretty fucked up on vodka and oxy’s before we left. I knew the girl, she was a cute Asian chick, and I knew she had cute friends. One of her friends I’ve never met was there, like 5’8, Chinese, fucking hot (looked like some kpop singer). The girl I knew introduced us, and we hit it off immediately, I kept drinking, I think I prolly popped another Oxy, I was pretty faded.

“I remember her saying like twice “did you know I’m a man” she was hammered too…

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