Krauser killing it as usual. I’ve stumbled upon this success model by accident prior to reading this and it’s worked rather well!

Krauser PUA

This holds true whether you are on an idate or a Day 2. There’s really not much that needs to be done on a date so long as you have the basics handled which are:

  • the girl likes you
  • you genuinely like her
  • you don’t fuck up the escalation

Over the years I’ve had many failed dates and almost without exception they failed because one of these conditions wasn’t met. I’d chase girls who were merely curious and were sitting in front of me because I’d gamed them onto a date they weren’t much enthused by. I’d be trying to fuck girls I clearly only spoke to for the notch and struggled to hide how little I cared about them. And then many times I simply escalated awkwardly, or too fast, or too slow and her emotions were left flashing “don’t sleep with him”. So like many skills, dating is…

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~ by aneroidocean on 08/07/2012.

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  1. Somehow,I can never subscribe to Kraus’ blog and I never receive updates.

    You have that prob too?

  2. Nah.I’d have to do that or check the link you provided.

  3. great post. reading it now.

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