The Pope allows for condom use?

In only one very specific instance can he see it as allowable, but this opens the door.  I’ve never understood why anyone thinks that condoms or other forms of contraceptives are immoral.  Is it immoral if a man shoots his load in a woman only when she’s least likely to get pregnant?  Because that’s what they suggest otherwise!


~ by aneroidocean on 08/10/2012.

6 Responses to “The Pope allows for condom use?”

  1. That’s kinda strange to advocate cumming in a girl at the least time she’d get pregnant.Not that I’m against cumming in a chic(I do have 2 kids),but I never heard rationalization that it’s ok to do it at a certain time(I’m figuring when she’s not ovulating).
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  2. At the left, the pope with the creepy face, at the right, the kid with aids. If I were him I’d use a condom, too.

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    The church position should be to stay firm to their word – they change the rules for the times – the laws are human – either God doesn’t exist or they don’t know what they are talking about and never have.

  3. I believe the rational is that a condom gets in the way of the pair bonding – becoming one flesh infront of God – that the Bible teaches.

    Honestly, if you can deal with the pregnancy if it does occur, its the best way to do it in a stable relationship. From what I’ve read the hormones and chemicals released after sex are increased if the woman gets a good load of semen in her. Especially if she’s -not- on the pill and having that mess around with her hormones as well.

    Of course, that kind of situation is THE MOST DANGEROUS THING in the world for any player. Especially if she’s lying about being on the pill and she’s not.

    I’ll keep my condoms on and keep any woman from touching them pre/post sex.

    • The rational is that you shouldnt fuck for the pleasure but to have offspring. The condom prevents you from reproducing – against God’s direct interests. God doesnt give a shit about pair bonding, leave that to Susan.

      • Haha

      • Haha, indeed. The church cares about controlling you. If you’re allowed to have sex just for sex’s sake, they can’t keep you doing what THEY want you to be doing, which is to create more good little religious folk that continue contributing to their coffers.

        Sorry, religion is a business. The best business in the world.

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