Single & Happy

I hardly ever click on the WordPress “Freshly Pressed” entries, but this one caught my eye:

In this post the author talks about her various car troubles and expounds on her female victim mentality.  She is “Single & Happy” yet writes about how much she’d like to have a partner.  Such gems as:

“A partner would have also dissuaded me from parking in front of a fire hydrant in Seattle, which is what I did after I drove there from East Texas in 2001. Again, I had no frame of reference for fire hydrants and cars and the fact that they did not go together.”

Which is followed by the admission:

“Had I missed that in the driver’s handbook? Apparently, yes.”

No frame of reference huh?

She goes further:

“In California, I had the mother of all single lady car problems. On my way to work at the San Francisco Chronicle, a motorcycle cop pulled me over for…I’m not sure what. I had not updated the registration on my car for at least two years, because I’d been moving. I had not renewed my driver’s license within the allotted 10 days of arriving in the city. I did not have current insurance.”

She is not sure what she got pulled over for while at the same time having not paid her registration in “at least” two years.


How much do you want to bet that the vast majority (or all) of the “Editors and Co-Workers” that have come to her rescue have been men?

She finishes with:

“This summer, the issue is my battery. My car is old enough that it takes water in the top. Who knew? At this point, I will know more about my car than I do about relationships. Or maybe my car trouble is a huge metaphor for my relationships & tending to them and learning about them. It is all very mysterious. I do know that I no longer take it for granted when I get in my car that the thing is going to start. As my friend Pamay posted on Facebook not long ago: “It’s all fun and games until the check engine light comes on.” Welcome to my world.”

No, Ms. Single & Happy, your issue isn’t the battery or any other part of your car.  It’s YOU.

I don’t expect men or women to know a ton about their cars, but if you’re not taking any responsibility with a machine that can kill people and getting it regularly maintained, maybe you shouldn’t be driving.


~ by aneroidocean on 08/15/2012.

2 Responses to “Single & Happy”

  1. Agreed. Old cars work flawlesslyish when properly maintained.

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