Random Texting With Rose

I’ve been reading this thread over at Roosh V Forum so I thought I’d post a little exchange between my other girl Rose.  Just a few hours before this exchange we had decided against having lunch together due to logistics on both our parts.  She’s been out of town:

R: Can it be later already?

AO: What later are you thinking about? [trying to get her to tell me what she wants to do with her]

R: Later with you silly!

AO: What part, the part where I give you the look?

R: Look??

AO: Yes, the look

AO: The one that makes you a little nervous and excited at the same time

R: Oh yes, that look..  I do enjoy that.  Just you looking at me makes me happy so any look you give I will take

AO: *zip* one eyes trouser snake is staring at you now!

[no response, so about an hour later:]

AO: Getting off work pretty soon.  Tengo hambre! [I’m hungry]

AO: Want to make a pizza with me?

R: Haha ahh!! [referring to the trouser snake text] Ohh you’re getting off soon?  I just got out of the gym. [usually the reason for no response is completely different than you would assume] Yes let’s make pizza!  Let me shower quickly.  Let me know when you leave.

AO: Leaving

Then I added a ton of fresh spinach, thin-sliced Roma tomatoes, turkey bacon, and grated parmesan to a Costco Frozen Pepperoni Pizza and baked it while she told me about her trip.  The pizza came out stupid good for frozen (a couple fresh ingredients can make a huge difference in something pre-prepared) and we washed it down with organic milk out of frosty mugs with home-brewed ice tea spiked with vodka for afterwards.  Watched the first half of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  Not fucking bad so far.

And the next day:

R: I want to watch the rest of the movie!

AO: Feeling good by nina simone is playing

AO: Afterwards [after the movie], I want you to slowly strip off your clothes for me while this song plays.  [Pretty much bullshit, even though I do have a soft spot for oldies music.  Can you tell how much I was blue-balled by the whole bachelor party strip-club tease of the weekend?]

R: The background music is kind of like music you’d strip to haha

R: Or fever by Peggy Lee

AO: Te voy a dar fiebre con las palabras que escapan mis labios, haste que te entro. [I’m going to give you fever with the words slipping out of my mouth, right up until I enter you]


We’ll see what she responds, but I’m probably gonna have Maria over tonight:

AO: Buenas tardes! Deseo comerte [Good evening! I want to eat you]

M: Oh my my.  Me gusta mucho.


Nina Simone – Feeling Good:


~ by aneroidocean on 08/30/2012.

9 Responses to “Random Texting With Rose”

  1. Didn’t know you knew Spanish?

    Ok,decent text game in my opinion.

    Quick question,was it impossible to physically escalate the time she came over for pizza,or you had no desire to escalate?

    • Yeah I grew up bilingual, but wish I’d learned more languages. Most (white) people assume I’m Mexican on the west coast (I’m not).

      Thanks for the feedback.

      When Rose came over for pizza, I absolutely had some of her slice. Neither girl I’m worried about escalating, although after that disturbing rape scene in the movie we chilled out for a bit dorking around before doing the deed.

      • Lol wow what timing of a rape scene to throw off any possible mood of sex lol!

        Sent from my BlackBerry® device

        • Haha, that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. Do I play the movie longer until the rape scene exits the forefront of our minds? Do I turn off the movie and go for a walk?

          Thing is, I actually have a restraint system and Ive used it on her before (much to her surprise and intrigue). I don’t think I’ll bust that out again for a while! Hahaha

          • Lol awkward lol!

            What’s your restraint system? Que intentabas decir?

            • Like this one. It’s not fancy, but the cuffs are soft and you can clip them on and off, so it’s easy to use them in different ways. The neat thing about it is that it’s super simple to setup and you can keep them under the bed, just lift a corner, pull out a cuff. The weight of both of you on the bed makes it so that eve if you just have her hands cuffed she won’t really be able to pull the base of the restraints out from under the bed, and if you tie her up with all four, she can’t get out. Each cuff tie is adjustable so you can give her some freedom to move, or just pin her down with them. Fun for all.

  2. Here’s the link I meant to include to SocialKenny:


    • Ok cool. I’ll check it out
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device

      • Cool. The best part is when I use it on a girl for the first time, she’ll love it, and then at some point after the deed is done, her hamster will start jogging and then she’ll ask me, “So, did you get that recently or???” and I’ll give a vague answer and leave it at that. Something like, “No, I already had it” and then change the subject.

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