It’s not okay

Rose texted me today saying that she was mad that I hadn’t texted her back last night when she texted me around 11ish PM.

Told her I would not accept her being angry at me for not texting her back, especially because I texted her in the morning.

Now, I was banging Maria last night, so I wasn’t going to text Rose back, but regardless, I just don’t see it as okay for her to have such an expectation level.  I often don’t text people back when I’m busy, my phone is away from me, or I’m asleep, all very possible with it being that late at night.

We’ll see how she responds.  I probably overreact to this kind of thing, but it really bothers me.


~ by aneroidocean on 08/31/2012.

13 Responses to “It’s not okay”

  1. does rose know about maria? it might be a good move for rose to know that you are fucking another girl too. i don’t know your exact situation right now, but remember R2, “make her jealous”:

    “No girl wants a man that no other woman wants.”

    if you have a strong grip on rose, i think you could get away with it.

    also, another approach, aside from the “scolding” or reprimanding approach, is to play it fun and “big daddy” style. rose is just complaining like a little child that she needs attention.

    you could frame the interaction as serious, which is what you did, setting boundaries, etc., which is great, or —

    or you could just have fun with it, knowing she is just jealous and lonely.

    “oh baby girl, i was busy last night, but you know you’re my favorite girl”

    i have a very strong grip on blondie, and i do this shit all the time, and it works. blondie knows i fuck other girls, and she accepts it.

    as long as she’s my “favorite”, she’s okay with it.

    and it keeps her chasing, keeps her working to please me. she is very happy about the whole situation.

    it reassures her that i am the man for her.

    • No, Rose doesn’t know about Maria. I’m not sure what to do about it, because I think that Rose truly believes through assumption that we are exclusive (or should be). The favorite girl thing would’ve definitely been a good way to start out with it, but I feel like I’m too far along with it. I’ve been dating Rose for a long time now.

  2. I don’t think you overacted. You did good by checking rose. A lot of times women will do little shit like this to see how you respond (you already know that). She wanted you to put her in her place. Don’t even sweat this man you’re good.

    • Definitely appreciate the feedback, Reema. It kind of upset me, but it was good to get out. I will post more when this kind of stuff happens.

  3. Lol such a player!

    What is Rose’s expectations?

    • Well, I’m dating Rose and have morphed from dating, to friends, to fuckbuddies with Maria. Not that I’m complaining, but I’m not exactly playing the field nowadays. Need to work on at least spending more time with female friends so I can work on my male-female interactions. Speaking of which, I need to build up my massage business, even if it’s on volunteering at first with my female friends for referrals.

      Rose expectations? See my response to rivsdiary above. I think she assumes we are exclusive, but she has done the typical girl “who’s hair is this?” type thing which I’ve just avoided/blown off. I think she’d be pretty upset if she found out otherwise, unfortunately.

      Recently I was at a gas station convenience store with her and I was fucking with her. The cashier pissed me off, he said, “let me guess, girlfriend (points at her) and boyfriend (points at me).” I didn’t know what the fuck to say to that, so instead of leaving it open for her to comment on, I told him, “I’m the girl, he’s the boy (pointing at her)” and walked off and changed the subject as she followed.

      WTF is wrong with that cashier? I wanted to go back in and punch him. Oh well, next time I’ll be more prepared for that kind of scenario.

      • Ok,I get the Maria situation. Lol @ cashier drama. And what’s the deal with the massage thing? You’re a practicing masseuse?

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        • I believe in my state you have to be licensed, so I’m not official, but I do enjoy giving massages and have had very positive feedback on my technique. I learned from an ex-gf who used to work in a physical therapists’ office giving massage. She injured herself so I ended up giving a LOT of massages which strengthened my hands and assisted in my technique. I much prefer to massage girls, but I do massage guy friends from time to time (mostly just shoulder/upper back/neck massages).

          I helped a friend rehab from an almost paralyzing accident giving him foot/calf/back of knee massages (he couldn’t sleep through the night otherwise due to severe nerve pain). I like to help people giving massages. There’s something therapeutic about it for me, plus it gives you strong hands, and the girls are always wondering why I’m massaging other girls. Haha

          I acquired a professional style table with face pillow, sheepskin top, and a set of nice sheets recently from someone close to me who wasn’t using it. I’d really like to use it to make side money.

          • So giving massages strengthen one’s hands? Didn’t know that. But in a sense,massaging would make a decent trade for pickup and it makes a great DHV(if you know what I mean by that).
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        • “So giving massages strengthen one’s hands? Didn’t know that. But in a sense,massaging would make a decent trade for pickup and it makes a great DHV(if you know what I mean by that).”

          It absolutely strengthens ones hands. I don’t have much of a bicep at the moment, but my forearms are pretty damn strong. Entirely from massage. I don’t disagree that it would be a decent trade for pickup, although I’ve never thought about it that way. I will focus on using it to expand my income, social circle, and hopefully, womyn!

          • Also, I’ve always BLOWN away any girl I’ve ever dated, plus many, many female friends by giving them a massage, whether shoulder, neck, hand, or otherwise. If I ever come over to a female friend when she’s hanging out at the beach and ask them to lay out so I can massage trade with them, they are instantly all about doing whatever I want so they can have me work them out. Any girls that haven’t got a massage from me are always shit-testingly curious as to why the other girl is jumping at the opportunity to get a massage from me. It’s pretty funny sometimes to hear a female friend of mine who might not be my type but is attractive say to her girl friend, “AO’s the best, he gives such good massagesssss…..mmmmmmmmmm ooohh”

            Yeah, the goal is to make them make those noises when you’re sexing them up, but being adept at massaging a girl gets you a COMPLETELY different reaction from a girl afterwards. She’ll be demure, super grateful, and very open with you since she inherently knows that you’re strong, able to read their body and find where they hold their stress, and able to take them into another world of tactile symphony that they rarely experience.

  4. Where did you learn to be good at massage?

    • Mostly from an ex-gf of mine who had worked giving massages at a physical therapist’s office. She exacerbated an old injury and then I ended up giving all the massages. She would give me really good feedback so I got good at massaging her, especially along the spine where she needed it most. From there I would massage trade with friends (mostly women, but I’m not averse to giving a good guy friend a massage or getting one from a guy). Since many of them are athletes they all have their spots that are knotted or need attention. I just work with their feedback and my basic understanding of the musculature and have grown from there.

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