Good advice from The Private Man on dating rules for men. I agree that you shouldn’t share too much about past relationships, but that I also don’t mind mentioning a past relationship briefly and in a positive manner when it is necessary as context to a certain story or anecdote. In many cases, I can replace “friend” for “girlfriend” but it’s just not always feasible.

The Private Man

This is about the women you have been involved with romantically and how they have impacted your life. This is also about the new women in your life.

First Rule:

When on a date, if you feel compelled to volunteer any information about ex-girlfriends or ex-wives in any way, you shouldn’t be on that date because you’re not ready for dating.

This is an iron-clad rule, no exceptions. Ignore those bullshit rules about a man should be more in touch with his feelings and express them fully. That’s nonsense spread by idiots who don’t understand the Red Pill rules of attraction.

Of course, this brings up the second and more challenging rule:

If you’re asked about exes (which she really shouldn’t be asking), the best response is: “I’d rather not talk about things that didn’t work out.”

Credit for that reply goes to Danny (link below). Once you give the…

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