Good coverage of pre-selection by your social circle by The Private Man. Seems a couple of the guys in the comments don’t think that this works or think that they need a new group of friends. I agree that with great friends/social circle you can have much of the work done for you. Case in point, the below texts I got from a good friend who is successful, in shape, and decently good looking, we’ll call him Fresh:

Fresh: U still awake?
AO: Barely, was passing out. Sup?
Fresh: Haha, no worries, got a girl here from Philly that wants to make out with you.

He had shown her pictures of me on Facebook after talking me up to the friend of the girl he was going after. Good man.

The Private Man

Your friends can help you with women even when you aren’t around. If a friend or group of friends and is out and about and meets up with girls and there’s an extra for you, it’s their obligation to somehow get you involved whether you’re present or not. The first priority would be to contact you and invite you to an arranged location, preferably not where they first met up with the girls and not in a loud nightclub. This is a venue change opportunity.

The girls in question must know that you are being contacted to be invited into the group. This is not a simple matter of stating “I’m calling Bob to see what he wants to hang out with us.” This is a huge opportunity to pre-sell Bob. Frankly, it’s your friends’ sworn duty to pre-sell you. Especially if they are single. Yes, this also applies to…

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